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"Navigating the gluten free options for all-inclusive resorts can be quite challenging for honeymoon couples that are gluten sensitive or celiac.


The sheer number of choices can make for a stressful experience when searching for gluten free choices on a menu or even resorts that can accommodate those with other dietary restrictions.


The biggest questions I get is:


"Which resorts will  be able to accommodate my dietary needs?"


"How do I plan a gluten-free honeymoon?"


Not every resort is going to be able to handle the  gluten issue with ease despite populating their menus with gluten free dishes. As a matter of fact,  some resorts fail miserably despite these gluten free labels.


Your honeymoon should be one of the most special and enjoyable times of your lives, and not spent worrying about what to eat.


Let me help you find the wonderful resorts that can not only manage your dietary restrictions, but will also provide an amazing experience as well; all while offering you the unsurpassed convenience and personalized attention while traveling.


Kimberly Jacoby,

Owner and Romance Travel Expert

Romantics Travel




Gluten Free Honeymoons Resort Ideas

Need Gluten Free Destination & Resort Ideas?


Let me help you find a destination and resort that matches you both as a couple using my vast resources and knowledge on the best brands and properties for your honeymoon.

Create a Gluten Free Honeymoon

Let Me Create Your Honeymoon Love Story

Through our consultation, we can discuss the key components of your honeymoon, as well as your dietary needs, ultimately creating an exceptional experience.

We'll create an amazing Travel Itinerary

Detailed Itineraries & Gluten Free

Travel Advice

 We'll collaborate until you agree we've found the perfect fit. I'll create your itinerary, all while ensuring you have everything you need for seamless and stress-free travel.

24/7 Availability While Traveling

While you are traveling, know that you have 24/7 access, and we'll be with you every step of the way.


I'm delighted to assist you with one of the most important and exciting trips of your lives!


All honeymoons begin with our free consultation where I discover your honeymoon needs and dietary requirements. This is where it's helpful to have both of you present so that we can discuss all of the items that matter most to your honeymoon experience. Once we both agree that my services are a good fit for you, we can then proceed with fee payment and planning.


My suggestions are based on years of professional experience and personal  research. I have been to over 300 resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean and will be happy to put my expertise to work for you.


We do so much more than just booking basic travel!

Meet Kimberly Jacoby


Kimberly is an internationally certified Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Travel Specialist and owner of Romantics Travel.


As someone who is personally affected by  gluten sensitivity and multiple food intolerances, Kimberly understands the importance of finding resorts that are not only able to accommodate a number of food allergies for her couples, but will provide an amazing experience as well.


Kimberly and her husband Jeff have been to over 300 resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean and know that some resorts are better than others when it comes to those with food allergies and sensitivities.


Kimberly has been featured in Brides and Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Magazine as well as travel industry publications like Travel Weekly.


"I'm passionate about helping couples find the right resort for not only their dietary needs, but their overall honeymoon experience."

Kimberly Jacoby - Owner of Romantics Travel


My Story

I'm an internationally certified Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Travel Specialist. I  know that when it comes to those with food issues or dietary restrictions, some brands and resorts are able to accommodate us more so than others.


As someone that suffers from multiple food allergies and chemical sensitivities, I am acutely aware of how food and environmental choices directly affects our daily living. The choices we make can mean the difference between comfort and pain.


I have been raw vegan, vegan, pescegan, pescatarian, vegetarian, and each for a number of years, in a quest to find the ideal lifestyle and to aid in healing. Ultimately my food allergies and intolerances have culminated in to a diagnosis of gluten sensitivity, histamine, oxylate, and  digestive issues. Despite these issues, I am still able to lead a wonderful life, all while traveling to exotic and tropical places all over the world.


As all those with food allergies know... we are often our own advocate when it comes to exploring the world around us, and must be extra vigilant in navigating every dining establishment. It takes a concerted effort on our part to keep ourselves safe. This means questioning ingredients and sometimes  pre-packing our own food so that we are prepared.


Having traveled for much of my life, I am very knowledgeable of the brands and resorts that do a great job of serving those with food issues. Some of these brands have dedicated kitchens and staff. Along with this knowledge comes discovery of certain resorts that claim to have gluten free items on the menu, but are truly unsure of what that actually means, and fail at the execution of even simple dishes. For instance, flour in your soup or croutons in your salad.


I'm not a doctor, and can't guarantee that every experience will be fail-safe. But I can help you with brands and resort properties that I personally put my trust in, so that you can have an amazing time as long as you keep your wits about you, follow common sense, and above all, remain vigilant in your efforts.


I'm happy to offer my detailed planning services for your honeymoon using my professional expertise, personal experience, and knowledge of the resorts that can do gluten-free better than anyone else.


I look forward to working with you,



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