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Stress Free Romantic Getaways

Rear view of young couple holding hands

Jeff & Kimberly Jacoby at Secrets Huatulco in Mexico


Together, we'll plan a journey focused on romance with a splash of adventure and sprinkle of solitude keeping  the both of you in mind. We'll ensure that your journey is as stress free and seamless as possible by providing you professional advice and our expertise to ensure an a amazing experience, so you can concentrate on other more important things, like each other.


During your consultation, we will discuss both of your expectations, your budget, and all of your ideas. Be prepared for us to ask lots of questions, so that we can find you both the perfect optionsfor a truly memorable and unique trip! We'll also discuss how using our services can benefit you and what you can expect from us. We'll also answer any questions you may have as well. Pricing for our professional trip planning, research, and design will be determined based upon your unique trip parameters.


Once you've committed to our services, the next step involves us researching the perfect options based on your feedback. We hand-pick several options that we believe will be a perfect fit for you both, and present them to you in a visual format so that you can see and experience the selections we choose.


Once you have decided on your perfect fit,  we will send you a proposal based on your selection. Your proposal will include flights, accommodations, transfers, and an insurance option. We'll let you know about the  deposit and the final payment date.


Once a deposit has been received, we'll make the reservation. You can continue to make payments on your trip up until the final payment date, which is usually due about 2 months before your leave. Depending on the type of trip, we will also provide optional activity recommendations and selections for you, which will help create a fuller and more complete experience.


Your final documents will be delivered to you approximately  3 to 4 weeks before your departure, and  will include all of the important details of your trip, as well as extra information like maps, packing checklists, tipping guidelines, area information, luggage tags, and more.


Romantics Travel will provide 24/7 service during your trip, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process.


Ready to begin? Call us today at (817) 386-0701 or contact us via our web form below.


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