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7 Reasons Not to Book your Own Honeymoon

by Kimberly Jacoby

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As with everything these days, we as consumers will understandably price shop our purchases, looking for the lowest price. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:


If you are like me, you tend to shop at different places for different reasons. Take Target and Nordstrom’s for instance. Although I enjoy shopping at both, I go for two very different reasons, and I expect two very different things. When I go to Target, I expect minimum frills, and a quick trip where I am in and out in a flash. However, at Nordstroms, I expect personalized service, customized selections, and individualized attention. I want to be taken care of with minimum hassle and maximum satisfaction.


Your honeymoon or romantic getaway should be no different.

It's a once in a lifetime trip that shouldn't be left to the discount warehouses

of the travel world.

If the lowest price  is your only consideration, then we may not be the agency for you. However, if you are looking for personal service, a customized trip, and individual attention with great value, then read on about what you will get by using us versus booking direct or booking online.


With us: You will receive 24/7 access to us on any trip we book for you. You will have our office number, cell phone numbers, and email addresses.

With them: you call a toll-free number, and you might get someone, after holding for awhile. They will also not know anything about you, or anything about your trip, and if you have an issue, expect to get transferred a few times.


With us: We usually only require a small deposit to confirm your trip, and you can make payments with us up until the final payment.

With them: They require you pay in full at the time you book the reservation.


With us: We actually visit the resorts we sell. We stay informed of new resort information, frequently conduct site and property inspections, and also equip you with information for your specific trip.

With them: They have a brochure or website, with photos that may have been altered. They have no idea of what you can expect, because they've never been there. Many of the people in the call centers have no idea where you live, or know to tell you what to avoid at the airports, or even how to get there.


With us: If you experience any issues along the way, you can pick up the phone and call ua whether it's 12 noon or 12 midnight. We are usually able to get to a resolution quicker than you going at it alone.

With them: You are on your own.


With us: You get to relax and let us do all of the work. It's like having your own personal travel concierge, looking out for you, and making your getaway stress free.

With them: Expect to spend hours and weeks on the internet, getting lost and confused with a million websites, and conflicting reviews.


With us: Because of our close relationships with suppliers, we let the resort’s General Manager know of your arrival, we confirm your reservations, ask for special attention, and try to arrange opportunities for extra amenities.

With them: No extra special service, no extra amenities, and no chance of upgrades. Also, if the hotel you booked gets oversold (which happens more than you realize)…the first people bumped are people that book through an online discounter, as those agencies actually pay a fraction of what that room is worth and re-sell it you at full price. Also keep in mind that the room they actually sell you is going to be a less desirable room than what we will offer you at the same property.


With us: As owners of our own business, happy customers that tell their friends how great we are is our mission.

With them: You are just another number.


These are just a few highlights of the differences in the way we do business.

For more information on our process and our pricing, as well as what our agency can do for you, please visit our Process and Pricing page.


Are you ready to plan your honeymoon or romantic getaway with a true Romance Travel Expert?  Contact one of us today using the form below or call us at (817) 386-0701.

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