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Our Honeymoon Process

Jeff and Kimberly Jacoby, Honeymoon Travel Specialists in Secrets Huatulco in Mexico

Jeff & Kimberly Jacoby at Secrets Huatulco in Mexico


As a honeymoon travel agency, we realize that your honeymoon is a significant investment and  will be one of the most important and exciting trips that you will ever take. We also understand the need to have a getaway that is truly special and memorable. Together, we'll plan the perfect honeymoon with both of you in mind. 



Send us a message via the website or e-mail. From there, we'll gather some basic information. You can let us know what time works best for you by visiting



Once we've confirmed a date and time for your complimentary honeymoon planning session, we'll discuss both of your needs, likes, dislikes, and what you're expecting from your honeymoon. We''ll ask about your travel history, and tastes. Be prepared for us to ask LOTS of questions, so we can uncover the perfect destination and accommodations for you. We'll also discuss how using our professional services and connections can benefit you and what you can expect from us. We'll also answer any questions you may have as well. Pricing for our professional trip planning, research, and design will be determined based upon your unique trip parameters.



Once you've committed to our services, the next step involves us researching the perfect options based on your feedback, and our first-hand experience with the destination. This may take a day or even up to a week or more depending on the destination and the complexity of the trip. It may also involve several phone calls with international suppliers to determine availability as well as current pricing.



Depending on your honeymoon needs, next comes the visual preview of the resorts or properties that we feel will match you both perfectly. The visual preview will normally include pictures, maps, detailed information, and some may even feature videos of the destination. Each resort or property is hand-chosen by us to match your needs.



Once you have chosen a resort based on the choices we have selected, we'll send you a proposal that includes all of the components of a successful trip including airfare, accommodations, transfers, and recommended insurance. We'll also let you know what your deposit amount will be, as well as when the final payment is due.



Once both of you are convinced we’ve found the perfect honeymoon location and room type for you, we'll make the reservation. This is when your deposit will normally be due. You can continue to make payments on your honeymoon, depending on the time frame, and/or make the final payment, which is usually due about 2 months before your leave.

We'll deliver your documents around 2 to 3 weeks before your departure, and make certain everything is just as we’d planned. We'll prepare you for your trip by streamlining, and explaining the travel process, giving you destination information, activity suggestions, packing checklists and more.  We will also answer all of your questions along the way. After all, we’re there for you 24/7 during your trip as well; your lifeline if you should need us.



We'll check in with you once you return home, expecting to hear about your wonderful time.


Ready to begin the process? Call us today at (817) 386-0701, click opn the link to set up your honeymoon planning session, or contact us via our web form below.


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