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Why Honeymoons are Important for Newlyweds

by Kimberly Jacoby

Honeymoon Couple

Why taking a honeymoon is important:

Sometimes I get weird looks from couples when I tell them that taking a honeymoon will be one of the most important things that a newly wedded couple is going to experience.  Besides the obvious benefits of a honeymoon, there are some other items to consider such as:


Taking your honeymoon provides stress relief - It is often said that the wedding is for the guests, and the honeymoon is for the couple. Do you know why that is?  It is because all of those crazy months of planning, primping, and preparation should account for something, right?  I can't tell you that it seems more often that not that the prep for the wedding is often so overwhelming that the actual event that may last 3 to 4 hours, can be somewhat of a letdown.  So after the wedding, is it any wonder that couples don't want to head back to work like it is just another day? Couples need time to recover, rejuvenate, and rewind. Plain and simple.


Note: This is also not the time to skimp on cheap destinations that you can visit any other time in your life. Besides, why on earth would you spend thousands of dollars on everyone else at your wedding and skimp on yourselves when it comes to your honeymoon?


Because a mini-moon may leave you feeling cheated - What is a minimoon, anyway? A mini-moon is a way of saying, we either don't have time or do not have the funds to have a real honeymoon, so we are going on a short little relaxing teaser trip instead. Mini-moons are exactly that, teasers. Remember when you parents told you that they didn't have a real honeymoon? They skipped off somewhere to a local motel, and spent a magical night or two.  Or even better, they drove to a far-off beach somewhere, and spent the night in their VW van. Then time passed by and they realized 20 years later that they never got a chance to take a real honeymoon. It's kind of sad really. 


Although it's technically okay to take a mini-moon if you absolutely have to due to timing or funds, make sure that you plan to have a real honeymoon afterwards, and start planning them both at the same time. This will accomplish two things:  One - it will get you excited about both trips, and ensure you get that much needed time to focus on each other, and two -  you will be able to  make longer payments towards the actual trip of your dreams.


A good rule of thumb is that a mini moon should be about 3 nights. Your real honeymoon should be 5 nights or more depending on your destination and how long you can get away.  Ideally it should involve you going somewhere that you both have never been. The idea is to create new memories, while trusting each other to experience and venture in to unfamiliar territories together.


You need to get away from the family and work - Do I need to explain this? Probably not.


Your honeymoon sets the tone for your new life - A honeymoon provides your first memorable moments as a couple. It sets the stage on how a couple treats each other, and prepares the path to wedded bliss. Not to mention some great honeymoon memories that will help keep the spark alive while reminiscing.


A honeymoon is a wonderful way to create a yearly tradition - This tradition would be in the form of at least a week long vacation every year to rekindle your romance, and relive that special feeling when your marriage was in its beginning stages. What better way to do this than by trying out a different resort each year?  Some resort brands even have several properties in all different parts of the world. For instance, the Sandals brand has 7 resorts alone in Jamaica, 3 in St. Lucia, 2 in the Bahamas, 1 in Antigua, and their newest in Grenada. That's 14 years worth of romantic resorts to visit, and enjoy!


Because you are worth it, and you both deserve it! - The best reason of all is because you worked darn hard slaving over the wedding planning - and there is no way that someone is going to steal your joy! So splurge for that butler;  but be sure you know why you are splurging on a butler - or make sure you get the best possible experience by using a Honeymoon Travel Specialist who will plan every detail with the least amount of effort on your part, while also ensuring you receive all of the honeymoon perks and amenities you are entitled to!

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