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How to Pack for Your Honeymoon​​

A Romantics Travel Honeymoon Packing Essentials Guide

by Kimberly Jacoby

Honeymoon Packing Essentials are IMPORTANT!

It is very easy to forget some very important necessities on your honeymoon. Take it from me, you do not want to leave these items behind, as it could make the difference between a great romantic getaway, and a huge honeymoon mishap. For a free honeymoon packing checklist from us at Romantics Travel, just click on the picture to the left.

Top Honeymoon Necessities:

  • Sun block – Yes this can cost you upwards of $30 or more for a travel size tube at some resorts.  Note that if you plan on traveling to Mexico, the gorgeous Karisma resorts offer free sun block, water, towels, and reading material in their pool area.

  • After sun aloe gel – Now take it from me, a sunburn is enough to ruin any beach fantasy. Yes, the resorts carry them, but they are pricey. Bring your own pure aloe gel. Try to skimp on the chemical laden ones, as a rash on top of bad sunburn, is nothing to write home about.

  • Bug Spray - Those critters are everywhere, and if you are taking a beachy honeymoon, it's the nature of the islands! It's no fun being itchy the whole time, so ensure you bring it!

  • Shaver – Little pricklies are not what is in order for that romantic day. Ensure that your legs are smooth and hairless. You don’t want your mate to think they are snuggling a porcupine. Plus the ones in the gift shops are usually the ones that are the easiest to nick you. Don't take the chance!

  • Toothbrush and paste – There is nothing that screams weird icky closeness like having to share your partner’s toothbrush. Don’t do it, bring your own, and make sure it is not the cheap two row bristle kind either. It makes for inefficient cleaning.

  • Dental floss – good hygiene is always important. Also, if you gourmet meal accidentally leaves spinach or a corn silk in between your teeth, you will glad you brought it. BTW, floss can also double as a DIY clothesline.​

  • Hair products and brush – Sure soft beachy waves are all the rage. But after a day or two of no hairbrush for anyone with longish hair, it can turn in to one tumbleweed mess of a nightmare. Whatever you do, don’t forget your favorite shampoo. It goes without saying, if you already have a sensitive scalp that you don’t want to break out in hives from an allergy to quaternium 14, or the musky perfume laden coif tamers left by the maid.

  • Mini Sewing kit – Great for little emergencies like that button that somehow unintentionally pops off after ravishing your gourmet luxury Included meal.

  • Small messenger bag – Don’t bring your behemoth purse everywhere. Opt for a small or sleek case. Just enough to bring your phone, room key card, and some money.

  • Sexy lingerie – Does anyone use the word negligee anymore? Maybe my parents. This is a special time to satisfy the voyeur in your partner. Appease their visual curiosities by wearing something sexy with matching heels. 

  • Deodorant - Need I say more?

  • Phone or camera – Taking pictures is a must for any getaway! Make sure you have plenty of room on the memory card, as well.

  • Charger – Bring your chargers! Nothing like arriving at the resort to find out your camera or phone is out of juice, and nary a plug in, in site.

  • Travel Pillow – These days, a travel pillow is a must, because no matter how hard you try to recline, you still can’t get comfortable enough to sleep without tweaking your neck. A good travel pillow is a must, and any airport will carry them. The best priced ones are the ones that you purchase beforehand. These pillows will also double as a spine supporter when used between your legs; for those that like to sleep on their side. Travel pillows are also great when you feel like passing out  from sitting on a hard surface for three hours at your child's graduation.  Just be sure to wrap it in a washable pillowcase.

  • Sleep Mask - This is my absolute number one item to make your restful nights even more peaceful. It is a well known fact that any kind of light emitted from the doorway, the window or the blinking smoke alarm can disrupt your beauty sleep. Chances are you won't be doing much sleeping anyways, however for that little time you do slumber, having a completely dark environment is crucial! I credit my sleep mask for the best sleep ever, and it is an absolute must while traveling, and even while at home.

  • Bathing Suit - Unless your mad sewing skills, mini sewing kit, dental floss, and pillowcase can make you a cover-up to be proud of, opt to take your fave suit along with plastic or vinyl bags for transporting while wet.

  • Money for tipping - My motto is take care of those in service, and they will take care of you! Bring 100 in 5's and 100 in 1's for the week, and then a few credit cards for yourselves to take care of other incidentals. Be sure to also call your bank, and don't be surprised if the banker where you get your strap of ones thinks you are visiting a strip club.


Ready to start planning your honeymoon? We are ready to help you!

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Jeff & Kimberly Jacoby

Romance Travel Experts

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