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Should I use a Travel Agent TO PLAN My Honeymoon?

 By Kimberly Jacoby

Should I use a Travel Advisor to plan a honeymoon?
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So what’s the Big Deal Anyways?

​The whole truth about why you should consider using a travel advisor/expert when booking your travel.

We've always been told that it’s so easy to just book your cruise, or honeymoon on the internet, and that you can do it yourself. After all, the internet has all the information possible that you could need, and it's so easy to just click and point your way to an amazing deal. However, I'm here to give you a different take. Especially when you realize that you may be  unintentionally cheating yourself out of an amazing experience by booking a honeymoon on your own.


I am sure you heard the common sayings about booking your own travel like:

  • If I do it myself online, it will be so much cheaper

  • It will be just easier to do it myself

  • No one uses a travel agent anymore


These are all common misconceptions about using a travel agent / advisor.


Let's take each question head on:

If I do it myself it will be so much cheaper - Not necessarily - 9 times out of 10, a travel specialist will be able to get you a package that will either be the same price or better than what you are finding online. The difference of course will be the value, extra service, amenities, and experience that only a travel advisor can offer.


Did you know that the room you purchase through an online discounter and the one through a travel specialist are two essentially different rooms? This is because all hotels have less desirable rooms that they still need to make a profit on. Picture rooms overlooking a busy street, or ones that are odd-shaped or even un-renovated. Online discounters only pay a fraction of what a room is worth, and then sell it to the public at full price. So when the hotel sees that a booking is coming from an online discounter, this is their opportunity to offer these type of rooms, since they aren't getting the full price for it. Did you also know that most online discounters do not carry live inventory and make it a habit of overselling hotel rooms. This means that if a hotel is oversold, the first to get bumped are those using online discounters.


It will be so much easier just to do it myself - Let's say that you have an issue with your flight or  the room you booked wasn't quite right when you arrived, or you end up realizing that there is no way you are going to make your next connection. Are you willing to spend hours on the phone hashing it out with a call center?  Or would you rather call your travel advisor, who will be happy to find a solution for you while you relax and catch a few more rays in your beach chair? Having a travel professional by your side is like having your own private concierge that actually cares about you and your experience.


No one uses a travel agent anymore - Actually the latest statistics show different, as more and more people are trusting a travel advisor to book their trips. The internet with its millions of options and websites now only serves to confuse people, who are now spending weeks sorting through the dizzying array of choices. The need for a value interpreter is important, and a good travel specialist will fill that need. This is especially true in this time of COVID, where travelers booking on their own found out they were really on their own and without recourse. Travelers not using a travel agency were on hold for hours upon hours waiting for refunds and on their own when it comes to navigating the many airline, hotel and transportation policies, as well as insurance options. Highly trained travel advisors are sought out more than ever because of this.


Here are some things to think about:

  • Do you really trust the big online travel discounter to care about your trip and your experience?

  • Do you feel comfortable that they will do their best to take care of you should you have any issues?

  • Do you trust your credit card number and your personal information to a foreign reservation center? 

  • Did you know that most of the online telephone reservation agents have absolutely little to no knowledge of travel destinations, much less your very own personal reservation?

  • If you miss your flight - how many people do you think you will have to talk to,  to re-explain your travel plans?

  • Do you really want to be on hold for three hours, and transferred again to a supervisor, because the call center agent isn't equipped or even authorized to deal with your problem?​

Stop taking chances with your honeymoon

If you leave the planning to us, you only need one phone number; ours.

By using a travel professional like Romantics Travel, you will receive someone that knows ALL of the details about your vacation, offers you extra amenities, goes above and beyond for you in service and is able to quickly assist you with your issues, and advocate on your behalf.


Will you get that same type of service on your own?


to discuss your honeymoon or your romantic getaway,  give us a call at: (817) 386-0701 or use the form below.


Romantics Travel

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