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Anse Lazio Praslin Seychelles, a young couple of men and women on a tropical beach during


Choose A Service to Learn More

When using Romantics Travel, You will gain the benefit of:

  • Complimentary Consultations - We want to learn all about you; your likes, your dislikes, and the things that matter to you most for your dream getaway! We will take the time to ask you thoughtful questions, to ensure you receive the perfect destination and options so that you can make a great decision for the both of you.

  • Extended Hours and  Availability - Pressed for time? We've got you covered! We're open after most agencies close their doors. That even means evenings and weekends

  • Less Stress! No sweating the details or a million confusing options, let us take away your worries, and assist you completely with all of your travel needs

  • Just one number to call! That means if you have any issues, we are the ones to assist you. Have issues? Let us take care of them while you enjoy your trip! Just call us at (817) 386-0701.

  • A Trusted Advocate - We'll go to bat for you in the event of an issue, and assist you in whatever way we can.

  • VIP Service  - This means maps, packing lists, tips, and extra information to help assist you with your trip. We'll  also assist you with airport information, tours and excursions, entertainment tickets, and more.

  • Extra Perks - Besides the little small surprises that we often like to sneak in, we also contact the resort ahead, informing them of your arrival. We  do this so we know that you are well cared for.

  • Specialists that Care - Because we own Romantics Travel, we have a vested interest in our business. We truly care about our customers, and look after them like friends


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