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Our Professional Trip Planning
Process & Pricing

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On average American spend over 22 hours on travel websites researching travel before booking. That's a lot of hours and time that you could be doing something else.

Our clientele consists of busy couples and professionals that are looking for a professional advisor to save them time and provide that extra special “touch”, personalized attention, and value.

As an award winning luxury agency, Romantics Travel answers that need by specializing in creating unique and authentic experiences, unsurpassed convenience, and attention to detail. We do so much more than basic travel booking.

Jeff & Kimberly Jacoby at Secrets Huatulco in Mexico

Pricing for Our Services

Caribbean & Mexico Getaways



USA getaways

& cruises


alaska, mediterranean, & river cruising

starting at


Custom international

Trips to Europe, south Pacific,  Central America, asia, and africa

starting at


Group Travel

3 - 5 rooms

additional $150

6 - 25 rooms

additional $350

Last Minute Travel

(1 Month or less)

additional $150

(2 weeks or less)

Additional $200

yearly retainer


Ask for more details

Destination Weddings & Vow renewals


pricing based

on needs


How are you different from booking online?

With the recent situation of Covid-19, and the many online businesses that have left people stranded or waiting for hours on the phone to cancel or re-book, couples are realizing more than ever just how important using a travel professional really is.  The hours we save you from you having to worry about choosing the right resort, navigating supplier terms and conditions, assisting with any unforeseen issues, and becoming your advocate when needed, is priceless.


At Romantics Travel, we start with an in-depth planning session to really try to get to know you and learn more about what kind of experience you're looking for.  We consider your travel history, personality, and requests when making recommendations and developing your itinerary. Using our expertise, we hand-select hotels, tours and flight options to meet your specific needs. We also use our connections and trusted suppliers to offer you the best value for your trip while creating a detailed final itinerary, destination guides, activity suggestions, and more. We also offer you 24/7 support while traveling to provide you the smoothest experience.


Any agency can send you a quote – but not everyone will know if the property or destination is the right fit, has personally experienced that property, or has the connections to be able to create a seamless experience while adding the special touches. As Professional Travel Advisors, we have personally traveled to 17 countries and over 300 resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico alone. At the end of the day, we are a boutique agency that is focused on higher levels of service for busy couples that want an effortlessly amazing experience and memories to last a lifetime.

Why do you charge a planning & design fee for your services?


The short answer:

You are working with experts that provide so much more than a basic booking.

The Long Answer:

At Romantics Travel, our business model is to provide an exceptional experience by providing a service and value that goes beyond the basic point and click of an online agency. We believe in helping couples reconnect through travel, and all without the headaches and stress of doing it on your own. When you use Romantics Travel, you are hiring professional travel experts who work for you, and not the hotel/supplier. We provide a complete high touch service that will save you an incredible amount of time, and provide you a significant value over booking online.


I  thought all travel agencies were paid a commission?

It's true that travel agencies are paid a nominal commission by most suppliers/hotels and only after the client returns home from their trip, provided they do not cancel.  The commission they pay is a thank you for bringing them the business and does not compensate travel advisors for the added value and expertise they provide beyond that. It does not cover the actual service,  research, expertise, systems, value adds, and being available 24/7 while traveling, and more.

By retaining us as your travel advisor, the professional fee you pay will often pay for itself in the form of perks and other benefits which end up providing you much more value in the long-run.


Many do not know that all online consumer agencies like Expedia and Travelocity are also travel agencies that not only make a commission, but also charge the consumer a hidden service fee by adding it to the back end. We believe in being more transparent than that. Unlike some of these online agencies, we don't base our recommendations on who pays the most commissions, but do base your personalized recommendations on who will provide the absolute best travel experience for you. I'm also sure that when you are thinking of your ideal experience, you also don’t want to be limited to just the places that pay agencies the highest commissions, right?

What does your professional design & planning fee actually cover?

The Professional Planning & Design Fee is the payment from our clients for all the things we do for them.


Our fee covers things that we do for you, like:

  • saving you an enormous amount of time while offering you the best value

  • ensuring you have the most ideal options that match you both based on our years of professional and personal expertise

  • highly detailed consulting, research, design and planning services to give you the best experience

  • our trusted supplier connections  and on the ground support in destination to assist you

  • contacting the resort throughout the process to confirm your reservations, any celebrations, and arrival times

  • preparing you completely for the destination, and providing destination information and activity advice

  • offering you any available perks and benefits from our suppliers

  • offering you updated mobile travel itineraries with the latest updates, as well as mailing paper documents on request.

  • being able to provide you 24/7 service when you need us during your travels

  • Managing your booking in case of cancellation with no additional fees from our agency

  • Assistance with re-booking the same exact trip in case of cancellation with no additional fees from our agency

  • providing value that goes above and beyond what others are offering

  • allowing us to be more selective on who we do business with, leaving more time to provide the high touch service we are known for

"But another agency will book me for free"

We totally understand that some are looking for the "cheapest deal" rather than the best value or experience - and that's okay!  Our services aren't meant for everyone. If you are the type that truly values a travel professional's expertise knowing that we will give you your life back in terms of time and less stress, while providing  and an even better experience, then you are the client we want to work with!


As with anything in life - you should always do your due diligence and check to see what you're really getting in terms of service and extras, and ask yourself the following questions:


If you're not paying a fee -

  • Are you working with a true professional or just a booking agent/order taker?

  • Can you expect the agency to follow through with everything knowing that they won't be compensated if you happen to cancel?

  • Does the agency have the knowledge & expertise to assist you with finding the best possible options?

  • Does that agency have the connections and willingness to help you out of a jam in case something happens?

  • Does the agency close their doors at  6 pm and can you call them at 2 am  if you run in to an issue while traveling?

  • Is the agency there for any questions you have, before, during, and even after your trip?

  • What kind of things does the agency provide in terms of preparing you for your trip? What about activities and recommendations in the area?

  • Will they contact the hotel to let them know about your honeymoon, anniversary or birthday?

  • Can you trust that you're getting the best options that match your needs and desires, instead of booking your trip with the supplier that offers the agency the highest commissions?

  • Is the agency padding their fee on the back end and being less than transparent?

  • What if the best option for you doesn't provide a commission for the travel agency? Will they even offer it?

  • Does the agency truly work for you and have your best interests at heart?

  • What are you really getting?

When you agree to work with us by paying a professional fee, you are receiving a level of experience, expertise, and professional guidance that you will not receive with booking online or through a "booking" agency. With our access to trusted suppliers, and attention to detail,  you’ll save more than your planning fee investment in time and amenities and all while having an even better experience.

If you’re not paying an agency a professional fee, in the end, are they really working for you?

and what are you really getting?

What if  I  Already Know What  I  want?

Luckily, we do much more than simply make reservations! For everything we offer, our services are quite a bargain!

If you already know what you want, and you don’t need any support, recommendations, or supplier connections should something go wrong, professional advice, destination tips, guides, or help understanding the confusing rules and cancellation policies, perks, and travel insurance, etc., then you can save the cost of our planning  and management services if you just want the bare minimum, which is a basic reservation (point-click-book) that is processed with final documents sent to you via email.


However if those things we mentioned above are important to you, and saving time and effort is your goal, along with an amazing experience, then we'd love to help put our expertise to work for you. We are there for you from the time of our consult, until you return back home. We are a full-service agency that offers more perks due to our status.  We also offer you guidance on your destination, local assistance, and peace of mind. That kind of service is something that no online booking site can ever deliver.



Romantics Travel Destination Weddings & Honeymoons

Ready to Begin Planning?

Ready to Begin Planning?
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