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Honeymoon Registry

Are Honeymoon Registries Tacky?

and do You Really Need Another Toaster?

Is a Honeymoon Registry Tacky?

Honeymoon registry tackiness has been a long debated question on the wedding boards. Many registry opponents feel that guests shouldn't be paying for honeymoons, and that it is a tacky means of asking for cash. However in recent years, honeymoon registries have become more mainstream and are gaining traction, since more and more couples are living together and are already combining two households worth of belongings. This is why many couples today are asking wedding guests to play a part in their once in a lifetime experiences


As far as etiquette, the Emily Post Institute found no difference between traditional registries and a honeymoon registry. So what is really the deciding factor? Simply put, It's really all about how it's done.  Honeymoon registries can be tasteful and convenient, and they are still very much in demand.

The key to having an acceptable Honeymoon registry is to identify experiences that your guests money is going to be used for, and not to ask for a lump sum amount of money.  Another helpful tip is to consider paying the registry fees as well, instead of having your guests pay for them. Always ensure that a thank you card or phone call follows a received gift at the time it is given.  Why take the chance of waiting till after your wedding day to find out that Aunt Betty sent you a perishable chicken pot pie?  It may also be helpful for wedding couples to also offer a traditional registry so that guests have a choice of a physical gift vs one that purchases an experience. Another way to also avoid raised eyebrows is to list your wedding website on your invitation, and then from there, include the actual registry link somewhere on your wedding website.


At the end of the day, guests really want to contribute something to your lives that they will know you'll use, and you'll want the same.

What is a Honeymoon Registry?


  • It’s a wedding registry for your honeymoon, and works much the same way as the traditional kitchen or department store registry.


  • Guests can buy portions of your honeymoon as wedding gifts.


  • You receive the funds to pay for what your guests have purchased.


Begin your life together with an experience you’ll never forget by creating your own customized honeymoon registry. You’ll be giving your guests a convenient gift alternative to towel sets and crockpots and a way to be a part of your lasting honeymoon memories. 

Wedding couples can register for honeymoon components that they would like which means more money  is available for your honeymoon. The other benefit is that it simplifies the process for your wedding guests who now won't need to drive to the store or worry about gift wrapping.

Benefits of a Honeymoon Registry


  1. By having a honeymoon registry, you'll have extra money to spend.

  2. On average, couples earn an extra $2,500.00 to spend on their honeymoon or on property amenities.

  3. Honeymoon registries allow couples to take longer and more luxurious Honeymoons.

  4. It’s a huge time saver. Couples have everything organized in one online honeymoon registry account, no envelopes to handle, no accounting to do

  5. You receive a free Wedding & Social Media Website, Photo Gallery, and Blog.

  6. You also receive Free Save the Date and Email Announcements to announce your honeymoon registry.

  7. No check cashing. Couples don’t have to worry about rushing out to cash checks right before they leave for their honeymoon.

  8. It’s good etiquette. It’s much more personal than “no gifts please, just send us cash.”

  9. It allows couples to plan ahead and pre-book their activities or upgrades.

  10. Couples receive 34% more if the giver can use a credit card rather than just giving cash!



Honeymoon Registry Features

Free Basic Wedding Website
Couples can post details about their wedding, receptions, directions to the venue, their “story” etc. They also provide social media tools that drive viral marketing

Registry Items
Couples can choose from a number of items from hundreds of locations and the registry offers a “Create Your Own” item section on certain destinations that allows the couple to personalize their items.

Blog / Journal
The registry also offers a section for the couple to write about the moments leading up to their honeymoon and keep their friends and family informed on all of their details.

Photo Album
Couples can upload pictures of their engagement, their bridal parties…anything and everything to share their special moments



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