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Do I Need Honeymoon Travel Insurance?

by Kimberly Jacoby

You just narrowed down your dream honeymoon, and now comes the most important decision of whether you should purchase the trip insurance or not. Many couples feel that they cannot afford it, or feel that they really don't need it. But can you really afford to not cover your honeymoon?

Quite simply: There is NO better way to protect your honeymoon or vacation investment than by buying travel insurance. Things can happen to even the most confident and prepared traveler.


Have you considered:

  • that studies show that 30 to 50% of travelers may become ill during their trip

  • flight delays (over 25 % of flights in the US are delayed)

  • lost or stolen luggage or passports (this is a lot more common than you think)

  • medical emergencies - Most US health insurers do not extend coverage overseas.

  • lost medication (what if you lose your insulin or important medication?)

  • unforeseen evacuations

  • that in the event of a natural disaster, airline strike or act of terrorism, airlines will not refund the cost of your ticket.

  • Will your credit card coverage, homeowners, or auto insurance cover you? Because none of these provide sufficient coverage for travel.

  • Job loss

  • that life is unpredictable, some trips must be cancelled


Travel insurance can provide you reassurance and peace of mind and reassurance that your hard earned dollars are protected.


 Top 3 Reasons to purchase honeymoon insurance:


  • Your honeymoon is a big deal!

Don't assume that the travel suppliers, cruise lines, airlines and tour companies will give you a full refund for last-minute trip cancellations. You need travel insurance to protect your honeymoon investment.

  • Don't make your honeymoon a less-than-perfect experience.

What if you planned an  amazing honeymoon filled with great activities and excursions, and then had a simple accident or event de-rail all of your honeymoon plans? Don't even think of spending your honeymoon sitting in chairs from your room, instead of exploring the destination!

  • Travel insurance lets you relax and focus on other things

Planning a wedding is stressful. Your honeymoon is the opportunity for you and yours to concentrate on each other. It's going to be tough to relax if you're constantly worrying about delayed flights, inclement weather, getting sick, losing your medications, passports, or even missing your flight. A good travel insurance policy will offer coverage for the unexpected so you can focus on what matters - spending time with the one you love.


Just make sure you review your insurance plan carefully before you buy, because not all plans offer the same coverage.



  1. Can you afford the cost of two more plane tickets should you have to cut your trip short?

  2. If your luggage is lost, or if your plane is delayed, do you have the money to stay for several more days, or even a week?

  3. Does your health insurance provide overseas coverage, or even coverage should you need to be airlifted out of the country?

  4. Are you in excellent health, and not taking any medications that are critical to your health, that would be detrimental if they were lost or stolen?

  5. Can you risk losing your whole vacation investment should something go wrong?


If you can't answer yes to all of these questions, you should seriously consider purchasing Travel Insurance


Another benefit to using a travel specialist is that a travel specialist is able to offer 3rd party insurance instead of the standard supplier coverage, which may be a better fit and provide better overall coverage for your honeymoon.


Ready to start planning your honeymoon or romantic getaway? We are ready to help you! Just call us at (817) 386-0701 or use the form below.


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