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Honeymoon Quiz

Where Should You Honeymoon?

Honeymoo Quiz

How do you find the perfect honeymoon destination?

Are you super confused about where to honeymoon, or having a hard time compromising with your better half about where to go on your honeymoon? After all, knowing where to honeymoon is one of the most difficult questions you will face while planning your wedding. Luckily we make it super easy for you with our fun and interactive honeymoon quiz!! Just a few questions to answer and you'll know where to go and which destination may be perfect for you both! Take our quiz below to get honeymoon destination ideas!

TIP: I suggest you each take our fun and interactive honeymoon quiz and compare your answers!

Instructions on How to find the perfect honeymoon destination?

  1. First decide on how long of a honeymoon you can take, and when!

  2. Then discuss a realistic budget - If you're not sure what that budget should look like, e-mail us to get a quick idea.

  3. Take our easy and interactive honeymoon quiz below

  4. Answer 17 super quick and fun questions!

  5. Talk about the results with your fiancee

  6. Make sure they also take the quiz as well!

  7. Compare your answers!

  8. Then talk about compromises.

  9. Then contact Romantics Travel for a Free Consult using the form below

  10. Let us help you plan your perfect honeymoon destination!


Honeymoon quiz



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Jade & Graydon J. Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta


“I tell this story to everyone... But when following The Knot Wedding Timeline Planner, it suggested that it's time to start the honeymoon planning. I thought to myself, there is NO WAY. They want me to plan a wedding AND a honeymoon?! They're crazy.But then I remembered meeting a honeymoon travel agent at a wedding expo.


Let me just say, it was one of the best decisions of my life getting in contact with Romantics Travel. Kimberly and Jeff are amazing! From the very first call with them, to arriving back at home from the trip, THEY WERE AMAZING! They planned everything down to the last detail. They asked us how we imagined our honeymoon, they set up the flights, transportation to the resort, they gave us an itinerary of the day, who to look for, sent us maps, check lists, and many other things to simply make sure your trip goes smoothly and perfect. And IF we had any issues they took care of it right of way.


It was a wonderful feeling to know I could call or send them a message and they responded within seconds. They deserve every praise they receive because they are the best travel agents anyone could ask for. I encourage everyone to have them plan their honeymoon if you want excellent service and to have the honeymoon of your dreams. "

Jade & Graydon J. from Hanford, CA

Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


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