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Honeymoon Resort Tipping Guide and Guidelines

Honeymoon Tipping Guidelines

by Kimberly Jacoby

So how much should one tip while on a romantic honeymoon or at an all inclusive resort? This question has often confused many. 


One of my best tips for you while you are out of the country, is to always make sure that you have plenty of singles and 5's on hand while you are on vacation. This way you can ensure that you are tipping for good service and that the drinks keep flowing.


Although there are ATM's everywhere, the fees may be very expensive, with additional fees from your bank that are not shown on the screen. You would also be surprised that some of the ATM's require a $50 or $100 minimum withdrawals, and will dispense a $50 bill instead of $20's. Another common  issue is trying to get change in US dollars for a $50 bill. Many foreign cashiers will only change those bills for the country's own currency, which may prove to be difficult if you are towards the end of your stay, causing you to bring home a pocket full of foreign currency.


Tipping may fluctuate depending on the country, but here are some general guidelines to help you while you are traveling to an all inclusive resort for your honeymoon. Of course there are some resorts, like Sandals where tipping is not allowed, except for the butler and spa personnel.

Also keep in mind that many times the transportation companies are not employees of the resort, and therefore you will want to ensure they are also taken care of.


Click here to get a  pdf of our All Inclusive tipping guidelines



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