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Jeff Jacoby

Chief Operations Officer

Hello there! I'm Jeff Jacoby, Chief Operating Officer at Romantics Travel, your gateway to unforgettable adventures. Together with my wife Kimberly, we're on a mission to infuse your travels with magic and meaning.

Life's journey led me to a role where I thrive – handling the behind-the-scenes magic that makes every trip seamless. With a knack for research, organization, and the pulse of the travel industry, I'm here to ensure that your experience with Romantics Travel is nothing short of extraordinary.

Kimberly and I have explored 17 countries and delved into over 300 resort properties across stunning destinations like Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Each year, we dedicate a substantial chunk of time to travel – not just to unwind, but to stay ahead of industry trends, build relationships with suppliers, and seek out the latest and greatest in travel experiences.

At Romantics Travel, my role is to ensure that the gears are turning flawlessly behind the scenes, allowing you to focus on making memories and connections. Whether it's research, logistics, or simply a quick laugh, I'm here to ensure that your journey is extraordinary from start to finish.

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