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Kimberly Jacoby

Owner, CEO

Hello all! We're Kimberly & Jeff Jacoby,  Professional Travel Advisors, and owners of Romantics Travel, in Fort Worth. We're a boutique, luxury travel agency that was born from our own Travel Love Story of traveling together as a way to grow, recharge and connect in our own relationship.

My love for travel was rooted at an early age growing up in Japan with a Korean mother and military father. As a family, we traveled frequently and moved constantly, which was always both unpredictable and exhilirating at the same time.


Marrying my soulmate Jeff, also provided that same feeling of excitement but also came with the unpredictability  when compounded by life's pressures like work, school, and raising two young children. Travel for us was put on the back-burner, and saved for a time that was more "convenient". Unfortunately that also meant that we were stressed out and burnt out without a way to recharge and really focus on each other. We both vowed to change that.


It was then that we realized we needed to take the time, and used travel as a way to grow, build, and prioritize our relationship as well as escape from life's daily pressures. Our passion for travel and the desire to help others stay connected and "in love" led us to create Romantics Travel.


Between my design, systems, and organizational skills, and Jeff's knack for back office, research, and quick wit, we are helping busy couples plan and experience amazing getaways .

Our travels have taken us to 17 countries, and over 300 resort properties in Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. We personally travel over a month or more each year to preview the latest properties and destinations, attend industry trainings, develop supplier relationships, and keep informed on the latest travel trends. We welcome the opportunity to put our passion and expertise to work for you.

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