• Kimberly Jacoby

Must Have Tips for Packing Your Wedding Dress for your Destination Wedding

A Destination Wedding can be an amazing experience, but there is nothing quite like the stress of ensuring that your dress is able to make the journey with you. Luckily there are a few tips that can increase your chance of having your wedding dress arrive in tip top shape.

Before Travel

Have your dress professionaly cleaned and packed. The shop where you bought your dress may be able to provide you with a garment bag or box to hold your wedding dress. This will ensure that your dress is protected from the immediate elements. If you ask, many shops will even assist with helping you pack the dress, and will most likely be using an acid free paper to help maintain the dress's shape and form. Check with the airlines to find out the rules concerning traveling with your wedding dress.

Going through Security Check Points

Once you arrive at the airport, be prepared to go through screening with your dress. Just let TSA know, and if your wedding dress container of choice is not able to go through the x-ray machine, TSA can manually scan your wedding dress for you.