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Guide for First Time Honeymooners Flying Internationally

It's your first time flying out of the country for your honeymoon, and you are both rightfully nervous! Things like missing your plane, not being able to understand the large monitor or getting lost at the airport come to mind. Well luckily for you, I'm here to explain the process. Flying is almost always necessary for international destinations and can be quite the ordeal. However, knowing what to expect and having information beforehand can be incredibly helpful for those that have never flown before and aren't quite sure what to expect.

  1. Plan on giving yourself one day to rest between your wedding and your honeymoon - This is the ultimate gift to yourself, especially since most weddings end late at night or the wee hours of the next morning. Unless you want a higher chance of missing your flight, allow one whole day of rest to get your bearings about you, and to ensure you have everything like your passport book and your bathing suit. Your body, mind, and spouse will also thank you.

  2. Check in 24 hours before your flight - This is a good idea especially since you may be able to find better seating and confirm your presence and seat. However, realize that most airlines will block a large percentage of seating for their members, and it may not always be possible to view or change seating at this point.

  3. Google your terminal - Google your flight number and find your terminal. This is helpful at larger airports where there are a number of terminals to accommodate the many different air carriers.

  4. Arrive 3 hours early at the airport - Yes, this is recommended for any international destination. This is because it will take you some time to retrieve your boarding pass, check your bags, get through security, and find your gate. Sometimes the security lines can be very long depending on how many departures are during that time frame. Also, most planes begin boarding 30 minutes before departure time. Unless the airport is closed, arriving 3 hours allows you time do all of this, as well as give yourself some breathing room to mentally prepare yourself for your upcoming journey.

  5. Use the kiosks in front of your airline - You will be able to swipe your credit card or scan your passport to obtain your boarding pass. Some kiosks will also let you pay for your checked luggage, and even print out your checked luggage tag.

  6. See your flight's desk agent - This is where you will drop off any checked bags

  7. Head to Security - Here is where you will usually wait in line to show your boarding pass and passport to the TSA agent, as well as enter the full body scanner. If you are uncomfortable with using the body scanner, you may be able to ask for a manual scan by a TSA Agent.

  8. Check your gate number - Your gate number is usually printed on your boarding pass, and if it isn't, your helpful airline desk agent will let you know it, or you can check the monitors under "Departures" to locate it. To do this, you will look for the city of your next flight and match your flight number to the one shown on the monitor. At the end of the listing your will find your gate number which is usually a letter and a number. At smaller airports, you may jut have a number only.

  9. Head to your gate - Signs are clearly listed at the airport. find your gate and have a seat. Manually scan the area for the nearest restroom.

  10. Check the monitor at the gate - There are times when gates will change for various reasons. Check the monitor at the gate to ensure that the gate remains the same. If you arrive too early, you may have another plane ahead of yours, in which case this is now your opportunity to shop at the various retail outlets, find a restroom (important), or use your phone.

  11. Board the plane - Boarding usually begins about 30 minutes before departure time. The departure time is the time when the plane actually takes off.

  12. Make your connection - If you have a connection, find the large monitor with departures as soon as you get off the first plane. Then follow the signs.

  13. Fill out the immigration forms and the customs forms - given to you on the plane before you land. This will save you time.

  14. Enjoy the Destination! - Once you land, find your transportation, and enjoy the destination!

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