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Preserving Memories: Bringing Home Destination Wedding Flowers

bride with bouquet of wedding flowers
Bringing Home Destination Wedding Flowers

Imagine this: You’ve just tied the knot with your partner in a breathtaking tropical location in Mexico. The backdrop of a sun-kissed beach, turquoise blue waters, and swaying palm trees—what could be more idyllic? And to top it off, you’ve got gorgeous floral arrangements that have been meticulously arranged to perfection.

As the wedding is winding down, you find yourself admiring the flowers' beauty and contemplating the question: How can you bring those amazing flowers back home? Here is some helpful information to consider:

  1. Know the Laws: Depending on your destination country, there may be regulations and restrictions that limit the floral types and even quantities you can bring home. It's important to research your local customs regulations before bringing your flowers on the plane. For instance, the USA bans chrysanthemums, gladiolas, and orange jasmine as well as potted plants from Mexico.

  2. Prioritize Care: After discovering the legal requirements, focus on transporting the arrangements with the utmost care. Make sure the flowers are packed with care and kept out of direct sunlight to minimize wilting and damage during transport.

  3. Declare Your Flowers: The next thing you will need to do is to declare your flowers. The Customs and Border Protection will inspect the flowers upon arrival, and determine whether they are permissible or not. What this means is that you have a 50/50 chance of bringing your flowers home and it will all be dependent upon that CBP official and their findings. They may decide to not let you bring flowers on the plane due to concerns about pests, disease, or other issues. The most important thing though is to ensure that you declare your flowers. Failing to declare the flowers could result in assessed penalties as well as criminal penalties for knowingly violating the declaration requirement.

  4. Get Creative: We recommend taking plenty of photos and recreating your bouquet back home as an alternative if things do not go as planned, and then preserving those flowers through a local preservationist artist in acrylic or resin. You could also take the photo and have a painter capture the beauty through a painting. If you are getting married in Punta Cana, we recommend

  5. Sharing is Caring: If the idea of having your bouquet denied for travel is too stressful of an idea, or more trouble than it is worth, you could gift leftover flowers to friends, family, or even your housekeeper, or favorite hotel staff.

Whether you ultimately decide to attempt to bring your wedding flowers back with you on the plane, give them away, or opt to take a photograph of them for preservation, the most important thing is to have a plan in place beforehand. Research the customs regulations for your destination country, consider packing and transporting methods, and think outside the box for alternatives to traditional preservation methods. Ultimately, the memories of your special day will remain with you forever, no matter what course of action you take.

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