• Kimberly Jacoby

9 Tips to Planning Your Dream Honeymoon

You're in the midst of planning for your wedding, and then realize that it's now time to plan your honeymoon. And like most honeymooners, you worry about ensuring that your honeymoon will be the picture of delight, and the culmination of the labor of love that you put in to your wedding planning.

Fortunately for you, there are a few tips to ensure that your honeymoon goes off without a hitch.

  1. Plan Early - This is something that we cannot stress enough. Plan on at least 6 to 8 months before your wedding to ensure that you will have the best availability. But also know that airfare is generally not available until about 11 months out. In most cases, you're going to want to combine air and land as a package, to realize the best cost savings.

  2. Wait at least 48 hours before heading out on your honeymoon! - When you take in to account that you will be majorly pooped after dancing all night at your wedding... A 6 am flight doesn't sound so great anymore. Trust me on this.

  3. For international trips : book your trip in your maiden name - Your airline tickets must match your passport, and when you apply for your passport, you will apply for it in your maiden name. This is because in order to do otherwise, you'll actually need your marriage license, and in most cases you aren't going to have that license in hand. Need more info on how to get a passport? Click Here.

  4. Yes, a Honeymoon registry is fine! Despite what the trolls on the Knot forums say - We are not in the dark ages anymore, and not everyone needs another toaster and more dishes. A honeymoon registry is the perfect way to get what you really want - great honeymoon memories.

  5. Under Pack - For beach destinations - you really only need super light comfy clothing - think sun dresses, tanks and shorts, light dresses for dinner, plus your bathing suit. No need for a suitcase just for your shoes - ( Yes, I was once guilty of this). Here's a link for