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4 Things to Know about Travel in the Coming Months

For anyone that loves to travel, and who enjoys the freedom of being able to go almost anywhere at any time — this is likely a time of confusion and uncertainty when it comes to being able to visit the places we dream about.

Of course, it's good to be smart and to listen to the experts at the CDC and The WHO or the State Department to make necessary preparations.

Many of us are having to adjust our businesses, our budgets, our schedules — and for many of us, that might include huge changes to vacations, destination weddings, honeymoons, reunions, and other getaways that we’ve been looking forward to for months.

I want to say: We're sincerely sorry for the upheavals. We're feeling them, too.

And I also want to say: there is hope, and there is so much great stuff to look forward to.

There will be a time when all of this uncertainty will be resolved and the fear will lift.

While we’re doing our part to keep ourselves and our communities healthy — practicing social distancing, being conscientious about washing our hands, staying home, and not touching our faces — we can also experience the excitement and joy of making future plans.

Four quick things to know about travel in the coming months:

  1. Many airlines are waiving change fees on tickets booked for summer travel.

  2. Some amazing destinations are offering refundable packages, special offers, and extra amenities to those who book now.

  3. This is a smart time to buy inexpensive trip insurance so you have the option to cancel and get your money back if things change before you depart.

  4. It’s not too early to start dreaming, planning, and booking fall and winter trips!

Right now, for some of us, it is a season of stillness, of staying close, of appreciating all that we have right in our own homes. It’s in our best interests to accept this temporary shift. We have a unique opportunity to be of service to one another in ways we maybe haven't imagined before.

Imagine how incredible it will feel, when the time is right, to stretch our wings, set off across oceans and mountains and miles, and make the whole wide world our home again.

We're sending all our best wishes for health, healing, happiness, and hope for you and your loved ones in the coming weeks and months! If you have any questions about your future travel plans, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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