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International Destination Wedding Save the Date Tips

Save the Dates can be an important part of Destination Wedding preparation. They serve as a pre-invitation to announce that you’re having a wedding, as well as help others prepare and plan for your big day!

When Should I send my Save the Date

There is a great deal of difference in timelines when it comes to planning an international destination wedding vs a national destination wedding or even a traditional wedding. For international destinations where there can be major costs that come in to play for the guests, ample notice is ideal. In this case, we recommend sending out your Save the Dates 10 to 12 months out and your formal invitations 4 to 6 months out, to help guests prepare financially, carve out their vacation time, and increase the chances of them making it to your wedding!

What is a Save the Date?

A Save the Date is simply an announcement/reminder for a destination wedding will help not only convey what is to come, but can also serve as a reminder to your guests of your pending nuptials.

Do You Really Need a Save the Date?

No, a Save the Date isn’t required. You could technically just plan on sending your formal invitation instead! However, if you take this route, you should also send another reminder at the 4 to 6 month mark. Giving some kind of notice as early as possible is always a good idea. Having both a Save the Date and an Invitation will serve as two notices/reminders for your guests, increasing the chances of them remembering and helping them plan. Another option is to send an electronic Save the Date if you aren’t keen on spending additional money. Again, for an international destination wedding, you’ll want to send “notice” whether it be by Save the Date (STD), invitation, or electronic means, at least 10 to 12 months out, and again 4 to 6 months out.

Tie your Save the Date to Your Wedding Website

This is important! The best Save the Dates are super simple, with a link to your wedding website at the bottom for guest to go for more information. Your wedding website will house the entire kitchen sink full of details that you want to share with your guests. No need to complicate your Save the Date invitation. Let it be simple and reflect your style!

Types of Save the Dates:

The internet is awash these days by a ton of the Save the Date Ideas. Here are just a few categories:

· Magnetic - Perfect for hanging on the fridge so guests know where it is at all times.

· Postcard or Card - Paper is of course the most popular

· Trinket – Anything from a keychain, engraved acrylic, to an ornament

· Electronic – Great to send by email when you want to save money. You can even customize this with fun pictures and more.

Want some unusual and unique save the date ideas?

What Information Will I Need on My Save the Dates?

· Your Names

· Wedding Date

· Wedding Place and Location

· Wedding Website for Further Details

· "Formal Invitation to Follow"

Where Can I Create a Save the Date?

Some popular places that we love where you can create your own invitation, have them custom made, or even use one of their many templates

Save the Date Etiquette and Tips – Do it Right

· Plan on sending your destination wedding save the dates 10 to 12 months out.

· If you send someone a save the date, you should send them an invite, even if they already state they can't attend.

· Proof Read, and proof read again. Better yet, get another set of eyes on them to be sure they are right.

· Don’t make the mistake of ordering 100 Save the Dates if you have 100 guests. This only works if your 100 invited guests are all single. Unless you want multiples going to the same address; take the time to figure out how many to order.

· Only send Save the Dates to those you actually want to attend

· Don’t complicate them. Keep them simple.

· Whatever you do, do not include registry information on your Save the Dates or Wedding Invitations. Registry information is perfect to include on your wedding website.

· Have fun with them! They can reflect your style, and destination.



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