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Passport Information for the Destination Wedding Couple

Passport information can be a little confusing for busy couples planning their destination wedding. One of the biggest questions asked is, " "Should I get a passport in my married name or maiden name?" and “How Do I go about it?” I answer those questions below, as well as give you tips on obtaining your passports with ease.

Many couples put off obtaining their passport till the last minute, which could have some pricey consequences. A little early planning will prevent you from paying expedited fees, overnight postage, or even paying a courier to hand deliver your documents. Below is some information you'll need to start the process worry free.

When will I need a passport? Anytime you travel internationally you should have a passport, as it is required for air travel. For cruises, it is not always required in some cases, but it is always recommended.

How do you get a passport? You must complete an application that can also be downloaded online. You can find out more about the proof of identification and requirements at

How much does a passport cost? Currently, with processing fees you are looking at: $110.00, plus an execution fee of $35, and any extra fees if you need it expedited. A passport is a great bargain considering it is good for 10 years.

How long will it take to get a passport? Average time is between 4 and 6 weeks. Sometimes even longer for first timers. Be careful not to wait too long.

What type of passport do I get? Always get the passport book. The passport card is useless when it comes to air travel.

How long is a passport good for? 10 years

Should I get the passport in my married name? You won’t be able to unless you’re already married. Here's why: You'll need a copy of your marriage license as proof for a legal name change, and most couples don't obtain this document until shortly before the wedding.

In many cases, this will simply not allow enough time to change your name on a passport and other essential travel identification. Plus, a name change on a plane ticket can incur some hefty charges. Without a consistent name on all of your documents, you could be inconveniently detained.

When you've returned from your destination wedding/honeymoon and received your marriage certificate, make a certified copy and send it along with a Passport Amendment/Validation Application and your new passport to the nearest passport agency. You should receive your "married" passport back in about three weeks at no charge. You have up to one year to do this, so rest easy.

Important to Note:

· If you already have a passport, note that many countries require that your passport be valid for at least six months or longer beyond the dates of your trip.

· Some Middle Eastern and African countries will not issue visas or allow entry if your passport indicates travel to Israel.

· Passport forms can be downloaded from your computer or picked up at major post offices, county clerk offices, or passport agencies.

· You should be able to get the required 2 x 2" passport photo shot at a one-hour photo shop, Mail Boxes Etc., Kinko's, or your local drugstore.

Places to turn in your Passport Application:

· Downtown Post Office or other post offices by appointment only

· County Clerk’s Office or

· Check the website for locations nearest you.



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