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Top 10 Honeymoon Mistakes Many Couples Make
by Kimberly Jacoby

Making decisions on your honeymoon seems like an easy task, or is it?  Just be sure not to fall for these honeymoon traps:


Not planning a honeymoon far enough ahead - Let's face it, last-minute inventory is left-over inventory. The best hotel rooms, resort options, cruise cabins, and plane seats will be long gone. However, since you're in love, none of this may matter, right? Click here for a FREE Honeymoon Planning Checklist so you aren't left wondering what the heck happened to all that time you thought you were being productive with. 

Planning too much and not being spontaneous - Sure you want to experience all of the wonders of your new destination, but this is your honeymoon, and it is also a time to relax from the hustle and bustle of the wedding. Being overzealous in planning many tours is a sure fire way to burn out.  We recommend planning a few excursions, every other day to allow for some serious down time or impromptu activities. After all, this is your honeymoon.

Packing all of your clothes in one suitcase - Take it from someone who has traveled to many destinations, and never thought that her luggage would get lost. It is bound to happen at some point. But you can minimize the mishaps, if you prepare by setting aside half of your clothing in your partner's suitcase.  There is nothing like a fresh clothing to make a weary traveler feel better. Also be sure to pack at least one outfit in your carry on, and remember to check your items against a packing checklist so you don't forget the necessities!

Choosing a property based on Internet Review Sites - Don't let those hotel review websites skew your views regarding accommodations. There are hotel chains that pay people to leave reviews regarding a hotel and its competitor. Not all hotels are going to be enjoyed by 100% of people 100% of the time.  Don't forget that if someone is having  bad day, like we tend to have from time to time, they are going to point out every flaw on every location no matter how small or insignificant. To make another point, try looking in your city to see what your hotel review site considers the number one hotel for your city. Chances are they are grossly mistaken. Something else to consider: Several news programs have featured numerous hotel executives outed for placing fake reviews on trip rating websites. Enlist the help of a trusted honeymoon travel specialist to ensure that you are getting the best  value for you money. A honeymoon travel agent/ specialist has first hand knowledge and access to unbiased information that the general public does not have.

Having your fiance pick the location - This goes without saying... The two of you need to both decide on what is important to you and come together in the middle. Honeymoon travel is a two way street for couples. This is going to be one of the most memorable times for the both of you, so make sure you include your partner in the decision and the discussion.

Not having a realistic budget - If you don't know what the honeymoon budget should be, do a quick search to find out an average. Realize that there is more to a honeymoon than the resort or cruise line.  You will also have to add in taxes, gratuity, transfers, food, airport fees, souvenirs, activities, and the like. Want to know some approximate figures?  Contact us for a free Honeymoon Spending Guideline to help you get started. We will be happy to send you one!

Not purchasing trip insurance - Protecting your investment is HUGE. This is your HONEYMOON. Why spend all of that money, and then risk the chance that something may go wrong? Having insurance can be crucial. You cannot place a guarantee on mother nature, or the careless act of another, or even our own bodies.

Not considering a honeymoon registry - Why not let your guests pay for your honeymoon? Honeymoon travel registries are very popular these days.  These registries act just like a Target or Macy's Wedding registry. You pick out items, and the guests purchase them. Afterwards, you receive one large check, and decide how you will spend it. To find out more, visit our honeymoon registry HERE.

Not getting to the airport early - Make sure leave yourselves plenty of time to get to the airport to allow time for check-in, and security. The airlines recommend showing up at least 2 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart. We've seen lines at security checkpoints that you wouldn't believe! Also make sure that you have plenty of layover time in between flights. an no -  45 minutes is not enough time for a layover! Likewise, please remember that the cheapest flight is not always the best flight. There are many factors to consider, and a good travel specialist will help you process that information with the best choice.

Leaving for your honeymoon right after your wedding - Face it you are going to be EXHAUSTED after your wedding! I recommend leaving at least 36 hours after. Leaving any earlier, and you may not be a happy camper! Trust me when I say this.... YOU WILL BE EXTREMELY TIRED! There is something about a wedding that takes every ounce of energy out of you. It is better to be fully coherent and awake so that you can avoid forgetting items, or even forgetting tasks because you are too tired to remember them. The best way to start that honeymoon is to arrive fresh and ready to go. This tip could have a significant impact on your memories!


Bonus Tip: Want to know another thing that can significantly impact your honeymoon memories? Hiring a professional honeymoon travel advisor/specialist like Romantics Travel. Let’s face it, your time is precious, and your honeymoon is not something that you want to chance by booking online. A good travel specialist will do so much more than book your airline tickets, and hotel room. They will act as your value interpreter and lifeline should you ever need one, and will make your life so much easier by saving your hours of precious time. They will also completely prepare you for your destination and ensure that your trip is seamless and stress free.


To find out just how much we can do for you over what you can do on your own, check out my article about why you shouldn't book that honeymoon on your own.


Are you ready to plan the honeymoon of your dreams?

Don't hesitate to call Jeff or Kimberly at (817) 386-0701 or use the contact form below!








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