• Kimberly Jacoby

What to expect when traveling to Los Cabos, Mexico during Covid

Here we go...traveling during Covid. Some of you aren't ready and we totally respect that. Some of you, like us are ready to get out of here. Still others are undecided. I've decided to document our travel experience from last week to let you know what to expect when traveling to Los Cabos, Mexico during Covid.

We arrive at the DFW airport at 4:30 am for our 7:00 am flight with no waiting or lines. Normally the airlines recommend arriving at least 3 hours for an international flight, but looking at the practically empty airport, we are clearly going to be fine. The security checkpoint officer has us pull down our masks to verify our identity against our passports and waves us through. We still need to pull electronics out of our bags to go through security, but we don't have to remove our shoes or go through the full body scanner thanks to TSA precheck, a benefit of global entry status. We recommend it highly! The airport is eerily quiet at first, but things start to pick up after an hour or so. Travelers shuffle in and out with masks on, while avoiding sitting next to each other at the gate's waiting area. Stores and restaurants begin to open and Jeff starts to creep towards Popeye's, his favorite fast food chicken restaurant. I give him the stink eye. "Wait for the tacos," I say.