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Trip Planning & Design Agreement

Thank you for contacting us to help plan what will be one of the most memorable trips of your lives! 


Below is the agreement that we send to all potential clients that explains our Professional pricing.

As travel experts, we consider your lifestyle, travel goals, travel history and your special requests when developing your itinerary.  We research a number of hotels, tours and flight options to meet your specific needs and use our contacts with our trusted suppliers to offer you the best value for your hard-earned dollars and create a detailed final itinerary to ensure you a memorable and smooth vacation.

Due to our exclusivity, availability, and the amount of personalization each trip requires, we only take on a limited number of couples for travel planning.  Our recommendations are based on years of personal experience and professional expertise.  All we ask is that you have a mutual level of commitment to us that we have for you. Saving time and stress is just one of the many reasons you have chosen to consult with a professional travel consultant/advisor.


  • Detailed custom trip itineraries

  • 24/7 support while traveling

  • Professional advice

  • Possible extra perks and amenities

  • Activity recommendations and so much more



  • Consult with the couple to determine budget, location and additional details.

  • Plan travel to all international destinations, as well as cruises and Hawaii.

  • For all-inclusive resorts - Provide a maximum of 3 resort price quotes. All additional quotes beyond 3 resorts, will incur a charge of $50.00 per new quote/ location. This does not apply to recommendations. For example, I offer you 3 resorts I recommend, and you choose one resort. I send you a proposal with pricing for one resort, and pricing for 4 room categories. This is considered one price quote.

  • Collect the deposit and apply that payment on your behalf if required.

  • Manage all travel details such as payment, invoicing and room allocation details.

  • Handle all files in the event of any supplier changes.

  • Provides detailed itinerary, destination guides, what to expect, tipping guides, packing checklist, and other helpful information for the trip

  • Provide consultation to the couple and their fellow travelers during the planning stage and respond to all queries in a timely manner.

  • Agrees to provide support in case of any issues that may occur before, during and/or after travel.

  • Agrees to provide 24/7 support during travel.



  • Agrees to be attentive to advisor communications.

  • Give his/her due diligence to relevant travel warnings.

  • Agrees take responsibility for completing travel specific duties.

  • Client and fellow travelers agree to make all payments by the stated deadlines.


Planning any vacation takes extensive time and effort before the departure date ever arrives.

To ensure that we are maximizing our time and providing the highest level of service to you and our existing clients, we price our services accordingly.  This trip planning service/design pricing is a necessary component to maintain the integrity of our professional relationship. Your specific trip planning/design pricing will be provided to you at the time of consultation. If not, please see visit our professional pricing page for an idea of services and pricing.

We have a rate structure to assist with the time spent covering the initial consultation, research, proposal, d 24/7 travel support during travel, troubleshooting, and design. Our professional consulting fee will be due before any planning is started. The fees are nonrefundable and non-transferable and ensures we are maintaining a professional working relationship with you and to provide services on your behalf as your travel consultant/advisor.

Clients have 30 days to deposit on a booking from the date the first quote is delivered. Bookings made after 30-day mark will require additional payment.


If you need to cancel, our agency will not charge you an additional fee (the airlines, hotels or supplier may have their own penalties or fees however). We recommend purchasing travel protection in order to avoid these fees.

We will also not charge an additional planning fee to re-book the same exact trip with the same resort and destination.


The client has the right to choose not to proceed with any travel arrangements quoted. 

The advisor holds the responsibility to source travel packages, present quotes in a professional manner and advise on suitable packages being offered by either the resort or supplier.

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