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Nickie Harris

Senior Travel Designer

My love for travel was sparked at a young age, always eager for the thrill of the next adventure. After high school, I found myself in the hotel industry, where I discovered my knack for serving people. Over a decade of corporate experience, however, made me realize my true purpose lay closer to home.

Becoming a mother was a cherished role, but the desire for a fulfilling career lingered. That's when I decided to blend both worlds and become a Travel Designer.

Through a path of self-discovery and continuous learning (I'm still learning every day), I immersed myself in researching and experiencing various destinations – from all-inclusive resorts to cruise lines and, of course, the Happiest Place on Earth. It was during this exploration that I found my niche – families! My focus became crafting the perfect vacation with meticulous attention to detail and remarkable value. Whether it's a quick getaway or an extensive journey, I treat each client's dream with unparalleled care.

The core of my business is built on the recommendations of satisfied clients and their return to plan more trips. I'm here to bring your travel aspirations to life, one incredible journey at a time.

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