• Kaylee Hatfield

Earlymoons - Take a Trip before the Wedding!

As more and more newlyweds tie the knot, the answer to the old fashioned "where's the honeymoon?" question is changing drastically. "Earlymoons," as they are often called, provide a relaxing pre-wedding getaway that many couples are adding in addition to or even as a replacement to traditional after-wedding honeymoons.

Why are earlymoons becoming so popular? Blame it on the media where celebrities and reality television stars journey to relaxing destinations in an effort to unwind and re-connect. Have you seen The Bachelor and the exotic locale the contestants get to sample in vying for a chance at matrimonial bliss?

I believe It's important for stressed couples to come together and re-connect before the wedding. There is a certain intimacy to taking a pre-wedding earlymoon to unwind before the craziness of the ceremony. With wedding planning becoming one of the biggest stresses a couple will face in their lifetimes, doesn't a pre-wedding getaway sound like an incredible idea?

The good news for newlyweds on a budget is: it doesn't have to be pricey or lavish like Pippa Middleton and James Matthews' million-dollar earlymoon to St. Bart's. It can be short, smart and simple. Think a weekend getaway or quick 3 night cruise. Something where you don't have to plan out every day's activities, but where you can simply enjoy each other's company, and explore without a schedule.