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Destination Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

Destination Wedding Welcome Backpack on the beach
Destination Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

Are you having a destination wedding and looking for a way to make your guests feel a little more special? If so, then consider creating custom welcome bags for them! Welcome bags are an easy and thoughtful way to give your guests a little something extra to show how much you appreciate their presence on your special day. Here are some destination wedding welcome bag ideas below.

What To Include In Your Bags

First, consider what items you want to include in the bag. It can be anything from snacks and drinks to local souvenirs or even personalized gifts. You can also include things like sunscreen and bug spray if you’re having an outdoor wedding or event. You can also customize each bag based on the person it’s intended for; some ideas could include chocolates, magazines, gift cards, folding fan, etc. Whatever you decide to include, make sure that it’s something that they'll enjoy and use while they're in destination.

When To Give Them Out

The best time to give out welcome bags is right when your guests arrive at the resort or during your welcome cocktail party. This way, they will have everything that they need as soon as possible and feel taken care of during their stay. Additionally, it’s a great way to kick off the festivities – especially if there is an itinerary involved – so that everyone knows what’s going on.

How much to Spend We've seen everything from $10 to $100 per bag. However, the amount that you should spend on destination wedding welcome bags depends on several factors such as what's inside them, how many guests are attending, and where they are purchased from. Before budgeting your welcome bags, make sure that you consider these factors carefully so that you don't end up spending too much or too little on them. With a bit of research and planning ahead, your wedding guests will love their personalized gifts no matter how much money was spent on them!


1. Welcome bag essentials - snacks, water, a map of the area, and sunscreen, gum, advil, itinerary, key card holder, drawstring bakcpack

2. Personalized items - a note from the bride and groom, a small wedding favor, or a local map with highlighted attractions

3. Fun items - sunglasses, flip-flops, a hat, or bubbles for guests to enjoy during the ceremony

4. Weather-appropriate items - umbrellas for rain showers or hand warmers for cold ceremonies, folding or electric handheld fans for warmer weather

5. Local Treat - local honey, candies, handcrafted goods, alcohol


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