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The Best Place for Tacos in Isla Mujeres...

Last month my associate Nickie and I headed to Cancun to get some sun and visit several hotels. While there we also headed to Isla Mujeres in search of the best tacos in town. Yep, we found them and it was some of the best tacos we've ever had! Follow along as we re-cap our journey! And if you don't have the patience, just scroll down to he end to see who we crowned as the best tacos in town!

Travel Tip - Leave plenty of time to get to the airport. Last minute gate changes can happen and they can happen often. Started out at C8, and realized they had changed my gate at the last minute to A39, so I took the skyline and the gate was changed again to A37. Thanks to my wonderful hubby Jeff who stayed back to watch over our business. Guess where I'm headed today? Yes Cancun! I'm excited! Meeting Nickie in Mexico to do resort inspections and meet with other agency owners.

First stop is the Hard Rock Cancun! We Just arrived and although we've been here a million times, I still can't get over the water. It's gorgeous and surreal. This beach is phenomenal and people are in the water enjoying themselves. Debating on parasailing today 🙄 but decided we will head down to the water anyway for a close-up view.

If you're contemplating about whether you should travel to Mexico right now, don't think twice. Just. Do. It. Don't forget your "babing" suit. Here's Nickie testing out the water, and it does not disappoint!

Tonight's dinner we decide to do Frida - the Mexican restaurant. When you’re on vacation do you err on the side of indulgent or do you stick to healthy? I for one always fall prey to chips and salsa and tacos or enchiladas while I’m on vacation. Yes, I know the green salad and fajitas without tortillas is probably better for me. But I did end up adding a salad to balance it out! That's my version of healthy Mexican fare! We're here to help you plan that amazing fun-filled getaway so you too can indulge!

This is another angle from our room. From this picture it looks like I'm on a cruise ship doesn't it? Do you have a dream vacation or adventure on your bucket list? Something crazy and out of this world big? If money and time were no object, I’d be living it up in Mexico where I’d spend my days drinking passion fruit fizzy drinks on the beach all day long and never come home. What about you? What’s your crazy out-of-this-world dream getaway?

Good morning! Can you hear that? It's heavenly and should be part of every morning. Have an amazing day y'all! We only have 2 nights at the Hard Rock in Cancun and it is time to move to our next resort, the Iberostar Seleccion Coral Level.

Our office for the next few days is spectacular! I'm loving the lobby decor and the clean lines. The Coral Level at Iberostar Selection Cancun is adults only with a 24 hour pool, 24 hour lounge, and a beach that can't be missed. It's fabulous and totally up my alley. All you beach lovers out there - this is the one you don't want to miss! #RomanticsTravel #mexicovibes #BeachesForDays #UseATravelAdvisor

Classes this morning started at 9 am immediately followed by hotel site inspections all afternoon! It's currently 92°, we have just finished our first day at 6600 steps between just 2 resorts 90% while outside masked up! We love our job and do this for each and everyone of our clients to ensure every destination you travel exceeds your expectations...being a travel advisor is not for the faint of heart!

I don’t know about you but I hate missing out! I get FOMO. I love seeing clients take off on vacation. But there’s always a little part of me that wishes I was going too. So now that I'm out and about doing site visits this week, I know that many of you might be experiencing FOMO as well! Friend, I don’t want you to miss out! There are some fantastic packages for Mexico out right now. And no worries, we’ll be here every step of the way to guide you through vacationing at all-inclusives during COVID as well as the health and safety requirements for your destination. Let’s chat, because FOMO is the worst! #RomanticsTravel #fomo #letsplanit #honeymoonspots #romanticgetaways #pandemictravel #travelforthesoul #travelforsun #travelescape #vacationgetaway #VacationGoals #beachtravel #mexicogetaways

Who are the 5 people in your life you'd love to travel with? These are the ones you need to bring to Royalton Riviera Cancun! Check out the Diamond Club Chairman's 2 Bedroom Suite - perfect for your little group of 6 adults and complete with wraparound ocean front views and pool table! I don't know about you, but I think with internet, you could totally make working from paradise work for you instead of working from home! #RomanticsTravel #workfromparadise

Next up is Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres! Who are my spa people? Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres is a gorgeous new resort with awesome rooms and a very pretty beach that is protected from a majority of seaweed by Isla Mujeres. It has a lovely cenote inspired spa area which is becoming quite the trend these days. This resort is ready to re-open in a few days! Can you picture looking out over this amazing view? #RomanticsTravel #spapeople

Next we take a stroll over to Riu Dunamar for my waterpark people. The Riu Dunamar, a family resort in Costa Mujeres has the adults only Riu Palace next door. It is known for their beautiful location as well as their fun waterpark! there is lots to do for all ages here and check out that water! It's just so pretty!

Nickie and I clocked in over 12,000 steps today with masks on and have been been going non-stop since 8 am today. We just walked in to our a beautiful office (check out the view) to work emails and quotes. Are you on our list?! Hoping to squeeze in dinner at some point-may be room service/work kind of a night! No rest for the weary!

The next day we stop at one of our absolute fave resorts! We adore Atelier for our Adults and Estudio for families! These resorts keeps getting better and better every time we see them and the best part about Atelier is their 5th floor rooptop infinity pool and cocktail bar! It's available with the Inspira suite, so let's make sure you get access! The rooftop pool here is phenomenal! #RomanticsTravel #VERocks #vetpifam

The very next day we head to Isla Mujeres on a catamaran! Let me tell you I am usually one seasickie chickie but I have a remedy for that! I have an electronic seasickness wristband that I use that completely takes care of my motion sickness! If you need the info, just reach out! I'm happy to share. I never leave home without it, and it has saved me on so many occasions when I am either sitting on the back of a bus, on a boat, or God Forbid - Jeff happens to be driving. 🤮

Okay - we may not have the prettiest feet - but they are happy feet! Happy feet are the ones where you've walked a million miles over the last few days, decide to get a nice relaxing pedicure at the resort's spa the next day, and realize that the water in Isla Mujeres truly brings out the color in your nail polish. We could be in commercials!

So we finally make it to Isla Mujeres after a very nice catamaran trip of snorkeling and sun - and the very first thing we do is look to find food! We are ravenous by the time we get to the island. Mainly because we have been on this boat for hours and many of us have been imbibing a little more than we should. 🙄

The best tacos in town in Isla Mujeres is called Los tacos de humo. It is a little hole in the wall where the owner/chef is a legend in this town. The tacos are enormous and the salsa is soooo amazing! Once you arrive at El Escochin, head straight for 2 blocks and make a right. The taco shop is on the left. You'll see a bunch of bikes lined up along with their humble paddleboard sign proclaiming they "have the best tacos in town." Now normally if you have a sign saying you're the best, it means that you are inviting others to test that theory! So we head in...and the place is super tiny with room for about 3 tables or so. "It better be good", Nickie says.

Like any good taco place we first start off with chips and salsa and guacamole. There are two kinds - a roasted red salsa and a spicy habanero. The red salsa is so good and has that smoky flavor where you know the chilies are roasted with garlic, and tomatoes, and they are all marrying up for some serious deliciousness. I'm about ready to lose my mask with all this flavor going on... and then I try the habanero - and just like that I'm in love. That uber spicy sauce was the flavor I've been missing all my life, just nobody told me. The chips taste like freshly baked pillows of heaven. Keto be damned. Not today Satan, not today.

We aren't sure what to order so we call over the owner to ask what is popular - and he recommend their famous fish tacos, the pork tacos, and some chorizo tacos. Mind you I should have taken a picture of the menu, because that is not how the owner described these tacos at all. But for the sake of simplicity - am trying to describe them in the best way I can with words I know. 😆 We decide that we are big eaters and order way too many - but it's all good. We will take the leftovers back with us to help feed the others that weren't as fortunate to find this place. The batter is super light and tasty, and we immediately realize this place is the holy grail of tacos! My mouth is happy and you know that feeling you get when your brain start pinging and there's a lot of smiling going on? Like when your taste sensors hit the mark and you feel like a pure joy buzz? - (it might have to do with endorphins). Or it might be the pairing of all this yumminess with a real icy Mexican coke? We don't know, but we will never forget how awesome we felt!

So now that you know where to eat in Isla Mujeres, hit us up to talk about your next vacation and where you should stay! We are happy to help you!

By the way - I LOVE this girl Nickie! She makes me laugh and we have the best times! Think about how much fun you have hanging out with your bestie! Stay tuned next time as we put together a getaway so you too can hang out with your best buds! Want to come with us?

Let us know! Reach out to us at 817-386-0701 or contact us using the link below!

See you next time! ❤️



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