• Kimberly Jacoby - Romantics Travel

Is Honeymoon Insurance Right for You?

You just narrowed down your dream honeymoon, and now comes the most important decision of whether you should purchase the trip insurance or not. Many couples feel that they cannot afford it, or feel that they really don't need it. But can you really afford to not cover your honeymoon? Quite simply: There is NO better way to protect your honeymoon or vacation investment than by buying travel insurance. Things can happen to even the most confident and prepared traveler.

Have you considered:

  • that studies show that 30 to 50% of travelers may become ill during their trip

  • flight delays (over 25 % of flights in the US are delayed)

  • lost or stolen luggage or passports (this is a lot more common than you think)

  • medical emergencies - Most US health insurers do not extend coverage overseas.

  • lost medication (what if you lose your insulin or important medication?)