• Kimberly Jacoby

How Coronovirus may affect your Travel Plans

It's clear to us that things have started picking up this month in terms of travel inquiries. People are starting to think about future travel.

The market research firm Sports and Leisure Research Group reported that 58% of surveyed individuals who took a cruise within the last 12 months, would be willing to go on a cruise again immediately. They also found that 47% of Americans would stay in a hotel, 46% would go to a casino, and 43% are ready to fly commercially. This study, along with many others, supports the fact that almost half of the nation is ready to go on a trip. With this data in mind, it is a good time to start planning vacations for the ready-to-go travelers, while still understanding that many of you are simply not ready.

So what can you expect in terms of travel?

We realize that many of you may be concerned about the new norm and health and safety issues of travel during the time of Covid.

Keeping up with pandemic-driven health practices policies of suppliers is a huge challenge in itself, compounded by the situation that some hotels, tour operators and airlines will have differing policies that may or may not be enforced. You are likely thinking: “what can I expect in terms of airport, aircraft, hotel and so on?” It’s a fair question during this unprecedented time.

Many of these changes you are already probably aware of and are practicing now at local establishments. Below are a few items to help you prepare for what you may encounter.