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What to Do When you Can't Travel due to Covid

Things to Do When You Can't Travel

Rough is an understatement. It has been a tough road in the travel business these last few weeks. 3 months of business for us cancelled, with a few postponements. I am sure this has been rough for you too!

How are you holding up? Many of you are of you are very worried about what the future holds. Some of you have some serious time on your hands and are wondering what to do with all those hours.

It has been said that we should only focus on what we can control. The hardest part is shutting out the incessant media, and trying to stay positive despite the news on every local station. Alice Salter at said, "When it starts to seem like all news is bad news, it can be very difficult to resist getting bogged down by all the latest updates. It is easy to see how a news cycle which is now updated 24 hours a day, and readily accessible on smartphones wherever we are in the world, can have a big impact on our mental health and leaves a lot of us feeling anxious."

It's difficult when you are stuck at home without being able to get away from it all. Traveling or getting away was at least the escape you could always look forward to. However with the recent situation, even that is proving to be difficult at this time.

So what do you do?

I've compiled a short list of 5 things to do when you can't leave your home: 1. Foster a Pet - the shelters are over-run wright now with an influx of animals. Many shelters are looking for foster parents for a 2 to 6 week commitment. If you have the time this would be a great way to help and find a furry companion to love on. keep in mind you may end up ot wanting to give them back.

2. Read a book - There are a ton of great books out there to help you get lost in another world, help you learn things about yourself or even the world we live in. is one place you can go that has free books in a number of genres without ever leaving your house.

2. Watch a movie  -  I believe many of you have this handled. Is there such a thing as completing or finishing Netflix? If you've ever wanted to yell at the TV screen like your spouse does when watching football, go ahead and watch "Love is Blind".

3. Learn a New Language - Sites like and are popular for this!

4.Take a Class - There is this new thing called Masterclass, where you can sharpen your Mexican cooking skils, learn how to be a filmaker, or improve your tennis skills. There are a ton of subjects you can do. There are also websites where you can learn computer or programming skills or how to do something. Check out or the free or even watch a TED Talk!

5. Dream about your next trip - We may not be able to travel right now, or know when to. However, we can still all dream about our next vacation. Because when this is all over, we are all going to want to get away! Below are some live streams and videos to some of our favorite destinations. #DreamNowTravelLater

Live Stream Destinations

Destination Videos

Armchair Explorer Magazine

When you're ready to travel, we will be there to help you! Feel free to contact us by messaging us below! We're happy to help!



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