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Who Pays for What at an All-Inclusive Destination Wedding?

Destination Weddings at all-inclusive resorts are an amazing way to celebrate your union, and a very cost effective way to have a wedding with friends and family that you are closest to. We often have couples that come to us wondering exactly what is the etiquette for a destination wedding and who pays for what.

Keep in mind a Destination wedding in the USA is quite different from an All-inclusive destination wedding in Mexico or the Caribbean. Namely, wedding couples aren't expected to pay for their wedding party's travel accommodations for an all inclusive destination wedding. Also the save the dates are sent out much earlier for an all inclusive destination wedding as well since guests will need as much notice as possible to save up!

Wedding Couple

Here are the items that an All-Inclusive Destination Wedding couple and/or parents would normally pay for:

  • Ceremony

  • Cocktail Party, Welcome Cocktail Party, or Morning after Brunch

  • Reception

  • Floral Decor, bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres

  • Wedding Vendors like the Photographer, Videographer, and DJ

  • Group Activities where you require the presence of your wedding party or guests. This can be things like a Spa Day, Golf with the Groomsmen, or a Catamaran Cruise with your guests.

  • Invitations and Save the Dates as well as any kind of wedding favors

  • Honeymoon and your own travel expenses

  • Resort Preview Visit

  • Hair and makeup if requiring this from your bridesmaids

  • Gifts for your wedding party

Wedding Party

Here are the items that the wedding party is expected to pay for at an all inclusive destination wedding:

  • Their own room and flights

  • Wedding Attire

  • Bachelorette or Bachelor Party


Here are the items that the guests are expected to pay for at an all-inclusive destination wedding::

  • Their own room and flights

  • any non-wedding activities they choose to do

Side note: Invited guests aren't expected to give the wedding couple a wedding gift, as their presence should be enough.

Looking for help with your destination wedding, and wanting an expert to help you every step of the way? Contact Romantics Travel at 817-386-0701 or via the contact form below.



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