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  • Kimberly Jacoby - Romantics Travel

Top 3 Honeymoon Regrets

Many couples realize that some of the decisions they made for their honeymoon were just too good to be true. These range anywhere from the free timeshare, to the "got a great deal" on the internet type of discount. So in order to avoid that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize that the honeymoon you thought you'd enjoy really doesn't really live up to your expectations... I suggest you read on about the top three honeymoon regrets that we've heard the most about:

REGRET #1 Accepting a timeshare offer from a well meaning friend of family member.

Over the course of our business we often hear that many have chosen to accept the timeshare route from a relative or friend. Although the gesture is wonderful and may appear to be be cost saving, you may be sabotaging your honeymoon. This is not a regular vacation. Have you considered that the resort may be a family friendly property, or even a property that doesn't mesh well with your age range? This is your first experience as a couple together, and you want to be able to make those memories together count, doing what you want to do. You don't want to give the privilege of your honeymoon to someone else to decide for you, no matter how wonderful their intention. Just as people have different tastes when it comes to food, resorts are no different. They can run the gamut when it comes to options, style, location, amenities, and feel. Let's also not forget that there are other costs in to accepting a timeshare offer, which include airfare, transfers, and even possible all-inclusive plans, which could end up costing more than if you had booked everything with a trusted travel professional.

REGRET #2 Picking a destination or room based on price

We all want a great deal. But what many fail to realize is that you will always end up compromising or giving up your dream honeymoon if price is your only concern. Even though you pick your dream destination, this isn't the time to skimp on the resort or room in an effort to save a few bucks. Remember, cheap does not equal great! You will always sacrifice something for the cheap deals. The biggest thing to look for is value. Value is different from price. You want the most experiences and amenities that your budget can afford. This is where a Romance Travel Specialist can be your value interpreter to help you sift through the never-ending array of choices, and assist you with choosing the best fit for you both.

REGRET #3 Picking a destination based on your friend's honeymoon, or what you see on television.

Once again, you are trying to create your own memories and experiences. You are also not trying to one-up or mimic someone else's honeymoon. I have heard so many people base their honeymoons on what the Kardashian clan is doing, or where the next series of the Bachelorette is being held. This can be a costly mistake. I recently had a couple that wanted to go to Bora Bora, and stay in an over-water bungalow, because that is what she they saw on television. However, she wasn't a girl that was used to being in the outdoors with critters, did not know how to swim, and did not realize that the food service was not an all day long snack fest. The groom wanted to gamble, wanted a more lively night life and definitely wanted his sports channels. Can you imagine the outcome?

These are just a few reasons why it's imperative that you both talk to a travel specialist that can match you with the right experience.

Need help choosing that right experience for you both? Give Jeff or Kimberly a call at (559) 363-2258.

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