• Kimberly Jacoby - Romantics Travel

9 Foods To Avoid on Your Wedding Day

Okay, let’s face it, thinking about wedding bloat or not being able to fit in your wedding dress may cause some serious grief and distress! Would you like to know what works to keep you looking your slinky best?

It's definitely not about starving yourself, which tends to be a bad idea all around. The good news is that, most brides do not have much of an appetite on their big day, due to wedding jitters. However, even if you don't have much of an appetite, don't forget to eat to keep your blood sugar levels in check. This will ensure that you diminish the chances of feeling dizzy and off-balance physically and emotionally on your big day.

So, to avoid sabotaging your hard earned efforts, consider not indulging in the items that could contribute to you feeling bloating, sluggish, or even cranky. The ultimate goal is to have good energy, clear thoughts, and gorgeous and flattering pictures of your special day.

In order to keep your girlish figure in check, minimize consuming :

  • Wheat - Anything made with wheat - Yes anything with gluten will cause the dreaded belly bloat, more so than many other carbohydrates choices.