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6 Signs You Need A Honeymoon Travel Agent

7 Sign You Need a Honeymoon Travel Agency

Sometimes the mere thought of planning a honeymoon brings couples a great amount of stress especially when coupled with planning their wedding. So many factors come in to play, including logistics, accommodation levels, activities, food, destination, and more. So knowing when to use a travel professional can make the difference between a mediocre vacation and an amazing experience.

Here are seven signs that you need an agency specializing in honeymoons to make the most of your once in a lifetime trip!

1. You're too busy planning your wedding - Many couples can spend an inordinate amount of time trying to plan the perfect wedding, and all while trying to balance school, household, work, and everyday life. Is it any wonder that many feel that they really don't have enough time to truly do it all? The average couple getting married spends at least 2 weeks researching their honeymoon. Do you really have that much time to spend? Use a honeymoon specialist and make the most of your time and leave the planning to them.

2. You've searched all over the internet and can't remember where you've been or everything is starting to look the same - Again, the sheer amount of information on the internet can be extremely exhausting and confusing. Not to mention the inaccurate pictures, and review sites. This means that at the end of those two weeks, you are no further along than when you started. Talk about frustrating! A honeymoon specialist not only knows about the destinations you want to visit, but has actually experienced many of the properties you are looking at, and knows who to talk to if things go awry. You'll have someone with either first hand experience, or the knowledge and connections to be able to guide you and match you to the perfect resort or property.

3. Your relatives insist on giving you their timeshare - If statistics are correct in calculating that only 1 in 4 couples actually get to take their dream honeymoon, I can guarantee that those couples agreeing to the timeshare option, are not realizing that dream. Did you know that a timeshare can come with many additional surprises that you didn't think of? Some may have all inclusive fees, maintenance fees, or transfer costs. You may even be surprised to learn that after paying these additional fees, your timeshare option may cost the same amount or more than a dream trip that is customized to the both of you!

4. You know what you want but need some help articulating it - A travel specialist is your value interpreter and can help you discover the destination or resort that is perfect for you by asking you a series of questions about your lifestyle, hobbies, preferences, and dreams to get a better picture of what you both are really looking for. They will also let you know if your dream honeymoon expectations are realistic or not. For instance, many honeymooners love the idea of an over the water bungalow in the South Pacific, but don't realize that their dream of clubbing with unlimited nightlife and margaritas may not fit in to that same picture.

5. Your best friend had an awesome honeymoon - and darn it, you want one too! But you want to be original, and still have bragging rights without copying every moment of her trip. Time to call your travel professional - who can not only help you plan a unique trip that is custom suited to the both of you, but with extra features and experiences that will make your trip truly memorable.

6. You want your honeymoon to feel special - Your honeymoon is a major milestone event, and not one to be left to an internet search engine. Allow a travel professional to show you how to upgarde your experience. A great travel professional has insider's knowledge, and will be able to offer you more service, value, and amenities than online booking sites will offer, and all with a goal in ensuring your satisfaction so that you'll return again and again.

To plan your trip of a lifetime now, contact Jeff & Kimberly Jacoby of Romantics Travel at (559) 363-2258 or fill out our contact form here.

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