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Traveling to Cancun During the Coronovairus Pandemic

We decided to document our experience from the opposite coast of Mexico from the previous week when we were in Cabo. Jeff and I stayed at the all-inclusive mega resort, Royalton Riviera Cancun near Puerto Morelos, home to 11 pools and 9 restaurants. We also made stops to meet the Weddings Manager at the brand new Dreams Natura next door as well as an excursion to the popular Rio Secreto! Follow along as we share all the details of what traveling is really like during the corona pandemic.

The DFW airport a week ago was actually pretty busy. This could have been due to the time of day , or just the fact that there were so many more people traveling compared to months past.

The check in process was smooth as we went to the kiosk to scan our passports and print our boarding passes. We were surprised that there were 3 people on standby. This is most likely because the airlines have pulled many of the planes lately in order to condense the routes. Starbucks had the usual wait. I did notice as we got in line to board that they didn't need my passport or my boarding pass to scan this trip. Instead they had a facial recognition screen that took a picture of each of us and displayed our photos on the screen. I wasn't sure if it recognized our faces from our passports, but I'll check on that later. The flight time was 2 hours and 15 minutes. Everyone was masked up and ready to go. We got the familiar bag of water, pretzels and sanitary wipe as we boarded. The captain got on the microphone to let us know that we are all required to wear masks, and that he was wearing one too for our safety. Like last month, the plane was again very full, and I was thankful we were in business class with extra room. Next stop Cancun!

When we got to Cancun, we arrived in the new terminal 4. After giving the customs officer our tourist cards, we were stamped and on our way to find our luggage. One great thing about Mexico is that the luggage is usually off the plane and in rows by the time you hit the carousel. We grabbed our luggage and headed towards Immigration area where we are asked for our forms, and motioned in to different lines. We passed through the usual 2 hallways full of timeshare and transportation companies and then finally headed through another door that took us outside to the real transportation companies responsible for bringing us to the resort. We quickly found our driver and got in to the vehicle. The ride over was less than 15 minutes and we were excited.

Upon arrival to the resort, we were greeted by the valet and asked to step on disinfecting mats. We were also offered a squirt of hand sanitizer as well as directed to the lobby where we waited for the next available attendant. There were stickers on the floor letting you know where to stand, and even the elevators displayed stickers showing a maximum of 4 people. (one at each corner). Staff are all masked and behind plexi-glass dividers and it is a little difficult to understand them as their voices are muffled by their masks. We received a bracelet that also doubled as our room key and headed to the concierge desk where we made our restaurant reservations for the evening.

Reservations are not required at this resort however, we have a habit of visiting the restaurant concierge at every resort to find out what is open during our stay as well as to make reservations for teppanyaki/hibachi which always seems to be booked. We find out which restaurants are on a rotation during the week due to limited occupancy. Once that is settled, we head back to the valet to let them know what room we were in and head to our room.

The valet shows us our room and lets us know that if we need anything, we only need to call.

The room is spacious with a small sitting area to the left of the bed and the bathroom has double sinks and a large shower with not one but two rainfall shower heads as well as a handheld shower wand. We notice that just like last month, decorative pillows and bed sashes are gone from the room. The mini-bar is empty so we call down for our usual 8 waters and a few diet Pepsi's for Jeff.

The staff do frequent temperature checks and provide sanitizer prior to services. There are hand sanitizing stations everywhere and shoe disinfecting mats. Pandemic signage is everywhere.

This is our view from our mobile office this week. the room category is called a Luxury Junior Suite Ocean View. Notice the ocean to the right. Travel Tip: Always remember that the word "ocean view" can mean a number of things, like an actual full view of the ocean, or even a sliver of ocean from a distance. The best way to find out is to ask us! There are also a million videos as well on Youtube for every room category imaginable to give you an idea of what to expect.

The Royalton Riviera Cancun is at 20% capacity this week, so it's like you have your own pools to yourself. Jeff wanted the bigger pool today compared to the first picture. It's definitely easier to social distance here with the current number of guests. There's a section for everyone, and the wait staff came around every 10 minutes to see what we needed. My drink of choice is a mojito with no alcohol and no sugar. Would that just be a sugar-free limeade with mint? 😄 Maybe?

Jeff made a new friend at the pool today. At one point he didn't mind until the lizard urinated down the cushions. So here's another tip for you: Avoid wet loungers whenever possible.

I can tell you that I'm usually not a fan of doing Asian food at resorts, and only because I'm a picky Asian with food issues.🙄 However, last night's dinner was really good, and so much more fun than years past.It was so good I forgot to take a picture. Lol

Some food pics from dinner. The food here at Royalton was surprisingly good!

The next day we had an opportunity to visit the brand new Dreams Natura next door for a sneak peek at wedding venues and the resort layout. When we got there we were absolutely in love with the warm welcome we received. How cute is this sign that they greeted us with? ❤️❤️ We met the weddings manager, Claudia Rivero and one of the wedding coordinators for a private intensive tour!

This property was only open for 3 weeks prior to Covid, and will reopen on September 15th, 2021. There are 553 rooms with a white sand beach, lazy river, rock glider (electric zipline) 4 pools (1 is adults only). The resort is only 10 minutes from the airport.

Here are a few pictures of the rooms. Unfortunately I can't show all the pictures as much of the resort is being prepared for the grand re-opening next month and isn't quite ready just yet The jaw-dropping moment you'll see next is their cenote-inspired spa which is absolutely breathtaking.

This cenote-inspired spa is gorgeous, and is one of the major highlights of this nature themed resort! Picture you and your friends, or partner creating your own special signature bath salts in their design room. Talk about an awesome getaway experience!❤

After that amazing tour we head back to Royalton for dinner and the evening show!

Tonight was Caribbean night. The resort posted the menu on chalkboards that were wheeled around to each table, to avoid menu sharing. It's a little different from the QR code experience a few weeks ago, but very effective! The resort catered to my gluten-sensitivity, and made me fish tacos and calamari with a gluten-free flour. I was impressed. The verdict? Soooooo Delicious. I think I found a new fave restaurant here!

The next morning we headed down to the pool to see our friendly pool waitstaff. They are absolutely amazing and so sweet. I still don't know how they work in this heat. It feels like a million degrees here already. Today Damaris surprises me with fresh coconuts!

These lovely ladies had one of the workers cut down a few coconuts from the palm trees. I had them sliced in half after we drank the water, because to me, the insides are even better than the drink!🥥🍹 So if you notice coconuts around the resort, be sure to ask to try some!

Dinner this night was at the Hunter Steakhouse. We started with a mixed green salad, then the salmon with greens, and the finale of creme brulee for dessert. That was probably some of the tastiest salmon I've had in a very long time and I'm so glad I ordered it based on a friend's recommendation! I was tired of always ordering the same thing... you know - steak - at the steakhouse. Do you always order the same thing when you go out to eat? Or do you like to mix it up? Unfortunately I am a creature of habit, but do like to mix it up occasionally.

We've been watching the shows every night here after dinner. There is so much variety variety and a little something for everyone, including Jeff. Check out the animatronic guy next to Jeff!

The next day we had a delicious lunch at the Grazie Italian restaurant by the pool 😋! Biggest pepper grinder we have ever seen! 😳I had the salad 🥗 and the grilled snapper, and Jeff had the lasagna and fettuccine. I've never been much of a fish person, but their fish🐟 is really good here and this trip is proving to me that I can truly venture outside of my comfort zone.

After many days of fun in the sun, Jeff finally decides it is time to do an activity. So we decide on a little bit of adventure! Rio Secreto was amazing! We were so excited that this experience was available to us during the pandemic as many things have been closed. Rio Secreto is an underground series of caves carved out by an ancient river. The experience was a little over and hour and a half as we explored and swam in numerous caves in hopes of finding the exit..😂. We saw many bats and fish, as well as tiny crustaceans. Our excellent guide Daniel told us that pre-pandemic, they normally receive around 600 people a day, but only received 24 today. Afterwards, we head to their restaurant and gift shop where we had the opportunity to purchase photos.

We were served an absolutely delicious authentic Mexican lunch (included in the tour). We highly recommend this tour and give it two thumbs up! 👍👍

Here is a pic from our last dinner date night with Angela and Joel taken by the resort photographer. There are many opportunities to get your picture taken even here. You can pick up any pictures the next day at the photo store near the gift shop. If you look really close you will notice that my eyes are closed - which is my signature look. I like to call it " mirth". 😂😂😂

The next morning we head to the airport. It's a pretty quick process. Here are a few pictures of the new Terminal 4. Until we meet again Mexico!

To plan your Mexico getaway contact Romantics Travel at 817-386-0701 or use the contact form below!



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