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5 Fantastic All-inclusive Destination Wedding Welcome Party Ideas that Your Guests will Love!

Bride and groom at tehir destination wedding welcome party
Destination Wedding Welcome Party Idea

Planning a destination wedding at an all inclusive resort can be an exciting experience, but it can also be stressful with trying to come up with ideas for where to host your wedding welcome cocktail party while keeping spending in check. Here are five great ideas to make your welcome party unforgettable:

  1. Private Event: Hosting a private event is a great way to create a personalized experience. It is also the most popular but can cost a pretty penny. You can choose a venue such as a rooftop terrace, poolside deck, a restaurant patio, or a garden with stunning views. Plan on adding some music, appetizers, and drinks to complete the occasion.

  2. Beach Bonfire: A beach bonfire is a more intimate option for a celebration. You can decorate the beach area with fairy lights, pillows, and lanterns, and plan for fun fondue or smores and even organize live music and fire dancers to entertain guests. You can also keep it low key with simple music from a speaker.

  3. Catamaran Cruise: A catamaran cruise is perfect for couples who want to take their guests on a fun adventure. A relaxed cruise around the island along with snorkeling and music will provide an opportunity to take in the beauty of the ocean while sipping on cocktails. You can even add snacks or meals as well to round out the event.

  4. Rent Cabanas: Renting side by side cabanas is an excellent way to provide guests with a fun space. You can decorate each cabana with flowers, lanterns or signs, and have everything together in one convenient location. Even better, some resorts have super-cabanas for rent that have wait service, snacks, bottle of wine, as well as their own bathroom, showers and comfortable seating all within the super cabana!

  5. Meet at one of the many resort bars or lounges: Resort bars or lounges offer a great atmosphere for getting together and can be a cost effective choice so that you don't have to deal with paying for private event spaces. Be mindful of the size of the area though as some group sizes can definitely overwhelm an event space. A bar or lounge allows for a great first impression of the resort's offerings and the ambience allows for a great way to welcome your guests. This is also an excellent time to hand out your wedding welcome bags to your guests as you greet them!

These ideas will help make your destination wedding welcome cocktail party an unforgettable success for both you and your guests. The key is to choose an idea that suits your and your guest's personalities and preferences. With proper planning , your guests will have a blast, and your welcome will help set the tone for the rest of the wedding events to come.

Are you ready to get started planning a destination wedding? Go ahead and visit our Destination Wedding page now!


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